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Falchion type 3
Falchion type 3

The Falchion by Age of Craft was designed to withstand the rigorous action of HMB and Buhurt full contact medieval sport combat. The blade is made of 4 mm tempered spring steel and its length is 61-63 cm. The sword weighs 1.6 kg so it’s a splendid tool to improve the stamina of your hands. Its steel crossguard and pommel are welded directly to a thick blade tang to create a solid sword. The handle is wrapped with tight black leather to complete the sword.

- blade: spring tempered steel

- guard: spring tempered steel

- the thickness of blade: 4mm

- length of blade: 61 - 63 cm

- weight about: 1,7 - 1,75kg

  • $190.00

Weight 2.00 kg

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