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Falchion type 2
Falchion type 2

It’s an elegant one-handed sword from Europe that was popular among the knights from the XIII century up to the XVI century. We designed it specifically for HMB and Buhurt Sport Combat. The blade is made of 4 mm tempered spring steel and its length is about 61-63 cm. The handle is equipped with a wrap of spiraled leather.

The weight of the sword is 1.6 kg which is a bit heavier than other swords. However, while training with this sword, you can enhance the stamina of your hands. After such training, it will be much easier for you to use the regular swords.

- blade: spring tempered steel

- guard: spring tempered steel

- the thickness of blade: 4mm

- length of blade: 61 - 63 cm

- weight about: 1,7 - 1,75kg

  • $190.00

Weight 2.00 kg

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