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This type of weapon from the XVI century was actively used not only in combat and hunting but also in tournaments. Polearms lost popularity with the development of firearms. In the middle of the XVI century, this armor was used for sports events and ..

Duel polearm

Blade length - 45 cmWeight - 0.8 kg (without shaft)..

Halberd type 2


Halberd type 3


Halberd type 4

Thickness - 6 mm Width - 9 cmHeight - 23 cm ..

Halberd European

Halberds were common among the European warriors from the XIV century to the XVI century. This two-handed pole weapon is perfect for buhurts and HMB competitions. The head of this halberd is made of plain steel. The tips and edges of the weapon are r..

Swiss halberd

We designed this Swiss halberd to provide you with a reliable and historically accurate weapon. The head of the halberd is made of mild steel and its edges are 3-5 mm thick. All the edges are rounded for your safety in combat. To resist impact, the t..
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