Axe type 1 buy in our Middle Ages store

Axe type 1
Axe type 1

If you require a reliable weapon for HMB tournaments that can be an alternative to a falchion, our axe is just perfect for you! The main weight of an axe is concentrated at its head so you’ll be able to strike harder. Thanks to the wooden handle, the axe is much easier to deal with compared to steel weapons. As a result, you can move faster but your strikes will be powerful. 

The axe is made of 4 mm hardened steel with blunted edges. It’s a perfect weapon for buhurts and HMB tournaments. 

The following options of a handle are available:

  • Without shaft

  • With shaft

  • One-and-a-half shaft

  • $60.00

Weight 1.50 kg

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