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Axe type 5

This light axe, which comes both one-handed and hand-and-a-half handed, is a perfect match for various HMB events. The optimal length and weight of this weapon allow you to hold it tight and strike mightier blows. Thanks to the enhanced balance and o..

Axe type 6

If you are looking for a lightweight (1.5 kg/3.3 lb) ax with a perfect balance and a solid wooden handle to perform mightier blows, this weapon is just what you need for safe and memorable reenactments.  The ax comes both one-handed and han..

Axe type 7


Bardiche Axe

A bardiche is a type of polearm that was common in Europe and Russia during the XVI-XVII centuries. It’s a heavy weapon suitable for pricking and chopping. The blade of this bardiche is a bit longer compared with the regular axes. Thus, a strike is c..

Axe type 1

If you require a reliable weapon for HMB tournaments that can be an alternative to a falchion, our axe is just perfect for you! The main weight of an axe is concentrated at its head so you’ll be able to strike harder. Thanks to the wooden handle, the..

Axe type 2

In the Middle Ages, the weight of the battle axes ranged from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. We combined optimal weight (1.5 kg) with great balance to let you use the full potential of this weapon and strike mightier blows. Thanks to the wooden handle, the axe is l..

Axe type 3

This reliable axe combines optimal weight and great balance with convenient length and a top-notch handle. Skillful warriors are able to use the axe in various ways. For instance, you can disarm your opponent by hooking the edge of their shield with ..

Axe type 4

If you are a brutal warrior who prefers to defeat opponents with an impressive axe, this model is just perfect for your needs. The main weight is concentrated at the head of the axe so you can strike harder. The handle is made of wood and it’s much e..
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