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Axe type 5

This light axe, which comes both one-handed and hand-and-a-half handed, is a perfect match for various HMB events. The optimal length and weight of this weapon allow you to hold it tight and strike mightier blows. Thanks to the enhanced balance and o..

Axe type 6

If you are looking for a lightweight (1.5 kg/3.3 lb) ax with a perfect balance and a solid wooden handle to perform mightier blows, this weapon is just what you need for safe and memorable reenactments.  The ax comes both one-handed and han..

Axe type 7


Bardiche Axe

A bardiche is a type of polearm that was common in Europe and Russia during the XVI-XVII centuries. It’s a heavy weapon suitable for pricking and chopping. The blade of this bardiche is a bit longer compared with the regular axes. Thus, a strike is c..


This type of weapon from the XVI century was actively used not only in combat and hunting but also in tournaments. Polearms lost popularity with the development of firearms. In the middle of the XVI century, this armor was used for sports events and ..

Eastern shield Kalkan

Protect yourself from the heavy strikes of your opponents with a top-notch shield in the Eastern style. Kalkan is a round shield from Middle Asia that was popular during the XII-XVIII centuries. The combination of top-notch thick wood and robust leat..

Falchion type 2

It’s an elegant one-handed sword from Europe that was popular among the knights from the XIII century up to the XVI century. We designed it specifically for HMB and Buhurt Sport Combat. The blade is made of 4 mm tempered spring steel and its length i..

Falchion type 3

The Falchion by Age of Craft was designed to withstand the rigorous action of HMB and Buhurt full contact medieval sport combat. The blade is made of 4 mm tempered spring steel and its length is 61-63 cm. The sword weighs 1.6 kg so it’s a splendid to..

Longsword type 2

Get this one-of-a-kind longsword to defeat even the most skillful warriors. If you prefer to wield your sword with one or both hands, this one is a perfect match for your triumphant medieval battles. Its blade is made of 4 mm (0.157 in) tempered spri..

Two Handed Falchion

If you are looking for a solid weapon to deal with your heavy armored opponents, this two-handed falchion is a perfect match for your needs. Falchions were popular among European knights during the XIII-XVI centuries and looked like a machete or a sa..

Kite shield

This elegant almond-shaped shield is a perfect match to protect yourself during the buhurts and HMB competitions like SCA, IMCF, BotN, LARP and ACL. The shield is made of high-quality thick wood, covered with canvas and robust leather. If you require..

Axe type 1

If you require a reliable weapon for HMB tournaments that can be an alternative to a falchion, our axe is just perfect for you! The main weight of an axe is concentrated at its head so you’ll be able to strike harder. Thanks to the wooden handle, the..

Axe type 2

In the Middle Ages, the weight of the battle axes ranged from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. We combined optimal weight (1.5 kg) with great balance to let you use the full potential of this weapon and strike mightier blows. Thanks to the wooden handle, the axe is l..

Axe type 3

This reliable axe combines optimal weight and great balance with convenient length and a top-notch handle. Skillful warriors are able to use the axe in various ways. For instance, you can disarm your opponent by hooking the edge of their shield with ..

Axe type 4

If you are a brutal warrior who prefers to defeat opponents with an impressive axe, this model is just perfect for your needs. The main weight is concentrated at the head of the axe so you can strike harder. The handle is made of wood and it’s much e..

Drop shield

We adapted the design of this teardrop-shaped shield for the historical medieval battles so you can stay protected and keep your opponents at a distance. The shield is suitable for both duels and buhurts. It is made of thick wood that provides a..

Halberd European

Halberds were common among the European warriors from the XIV century to the XVI century. This two-handed pole weapon is perfect for buhurts and HMB competitions. The head of this halberd is made of plain steel. The tips and edges of the weapon are r..

Longsword from the river Thames

We created this longsword from the river Thames to provide you with a reliable and authentic weapon for your reenactments. The thickened blade is made of 4 mm tempered spring steel and its length is 90 cm. The hilt is equipped with a steel crossguard..

Maces four thorns

If you are a fan of buhurt fighting, consider getting this one-handed mace for your glorious battles. This type of mace was popular among the European warriors during the XIV-XV centuries. It’s a great option for HMB tournaments so you can use this m..

Maces six thorns

Looking for a durable weapon for buhurts at an affordable price? This one-handed mace with a steel head is a perfect match for buhurt fighting and HMB tournaments. Its main advantage over falchions and axes is that it has six edges to strike your opp..

Narrow pavise shield

We designed this pavise shield according to the historical prototype from the XV century to make your reenactments both safe and authentic. Originally, the pavise shields were much bigger because crossbowmen used the shields to hide behind them and r..

Oval shield

This oval shield is a perfect option for buhurts and duels. We made it of thick wood and top-notch canvas for better protection. Thanks to its weight (2.5 kg) and convenient shape, you can move without any limits, punch your opponents with the shield..

Pavise bouclier

Bouclier shields were popular among the European knights during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. This type of shield is rather small so it wasn’t suitable for protection against the arrows. However, these shields were just perfect for deflecting..

Roundish pavise shield

Pavise shields were popular in Europe during the XIV-XVI centuries. They could cover the whole body and were actively used by crossbowmen. There were also the smaller versions for infantry. Our roundish pavise shield is made of thick wood, canva..

Tarch shield

The first examples of these shields appeared in the XIII century but the origin of the name is still unclear. It is supposed that the name “tarch” comes from the Arabic word “daraka” which means “to overtake”. According to another version, the name c..

Triangular Pavise shield

Triangular shields were common in the XII-XV centuries because of their simple design and cheap production. It’s a must-have for all warriors to make the reenactments authentic, safe and fun!The shield is made of thick wood, covered with a cloth and ..

Wide pavise shield

Such a model was popular among infantry during the XIV-XVI centuries because of its simple design and a great level of protection. Using pavise shields, the warriors could protect themselves against both one-handed and two-handed weapons. Thanks to t..

Swiss halberd

We designed this Swiss halberd to provide you with a reliable and historically accurate weapon. The head of the halberd is made of mild steel and its edges are 3-5 mm thick. All the edges are rounded for your safety in combat. To resist impact, the t..

English sword

English sword from the XIV century is a perfect option if you are looking for a reliable and authentic weapon at an affordable price. Its optimal weight makes the sword perfect for novices and advanced fighters. The blade of the English sword is made..

Falchion from the river Thorpe

We designed this reliable weapon according to the authentic sword from England that was found in the Thorp river in 1350 (Norwich, England). This robust sword is a perfect match for full-contact fighting like buhurts and HMB tournaments. The bla..


Such types of triangular shields were popular among the warriors from the XII century to the XV century. Usually, they were made of plywood but there were also much heavier steel versions. We made this shield perfectly suitable for buhurts, duel..
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