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Padded Clothing

Gambeson type 5 with print

Gambesons were extremely popular under armor gear in the Middle Ages as they were affordable, provided additional protection against bruises and allowed the knights to feel more comfortable in combat. To create this practical and comfortable lon..

Gambeson white thread

Such type of padded under armor was common in Europe during the XI-XV centuries. We designed our gambeson according to the historical examples of under armor gear to make your reenactments as authentic and vivid as possible. The gambeson is made..

Pourpoint type 2 with print

If you wear heavy armor, top-notch under armor gear is essential for you to provide padding for the body. We designed this beautiful long-sleeved pourpoint according to a stuffed and quilted doublet worn by the knights during the XIV-XVII centuries.&..

Burlet for Helmet Type 1

Do you want to customize your helmet and make your reenactments vivid and memorable? This eye-catching burlet looks perfect with almost any armor set. You can also use it to protect your helmet from UV rays and reduce the force of impact. Whether you..

Burlet for Helmet Type 2

Equip your helmet with this amazing burlet and get ready for your glorious battles! It’s not just a pretty accessory but also a fantastic tool to cover your helmet from UV rays that can corrode steel. The burlet won’t limit your visibility, so you ca..

Burlet for Helmet Type 3

Do you want to look terrific on the battlefield? Then, our burlet for a helmet is just what you need to decorate your armor kit with a colorful accent. With such a fantastic combination of black, yellow, and white, you will look stylish and elegant. ..

Gambeson type 2 with red trim


Gambeson type 3

In medieval Europe, gambeson was an extremely popular garment among both common warriors and noble knights. Want to look like the most courageous and fearless warriors from the XIV-XV centuries? Consider getting this top-notch gambeson for your authe..

Gambeson type 4

Want to fit the hottest trends of the XIV-XV centuries? Then, our stylish gambeson is a perfect match for your needs. This top-notch garment is made of high-quality fabric so you can feel comfortable and safe in combat. The high collar of this m..

Gambeson type 5

If you are looking for a high-quality padded garment, this gambeson is just perfect for your needs. It’s suitable for all types of full-contact medieval combat and is made of natural and breathable fabric, so your body won’t overheat during active tr..

Leg padding (chausses)

Meet our comfortable and practical padding garment for your victorious battles! You can wear chausses as light armor to absorb mild strikes and prevent your legs from bruises or use them as under armor gear with your armor kit. The anatomical shape o..

Padded arming belt


Padded mittens

We created these 2-finger padded mittens to provide you with a maximum level of protection during fencing or full contact medieval combat. The mittens are made of top-notch breathable fabric and stuffed with thick wadding. They are perfect to wear un..

Padding kit "King of spades"

We designed this padding kit to provide you with a top-notch garment for the full body. Long gambeson can be used as a light armor to protect you from mild strikes or you can wear it with plate armor for the maximum level of safety and comfort in com..

Padding kit type 2

Looking for a reliable padding set that can be used for authentic reenactments and HMB tournaments? We created this kit to satisfy these needs and provide you with high-quality under armor gear to make your battles safe and memorable. Long-sleev..


Head protection is crucial for every warrior, isn’t it? We created this padded cap with pelerine to cover your head, shoulders and neck in combat. The pelerine is made of high-quality materials to provide you with the highest level of comfort and saf..

Pourpoint type 2 with leather arm point

This pourpoint is made of top-notch breathable materials to prevent your body from overheating in combat. Thanks to the optimal weight and the special design of the sleeves, the pourpoint doesn’t restrict your movement, so it’s possible to walk and r..

Body padding with spine protection

If you require additional spine protection but don’t want to overload your armor, we have a perfect solution for you! Our gambeson is made of natural and breathable material so you can feel comfortable in combat. Its optimal weight (3 kg) will let yo..

Boots from Baynards Castle

Solid leather boots are a perfect option to complete your image of the noble knight from the Middle Ages. They are designed according to the historical example from Europe of the XIV century. Such a simple design was extremely popular in that perio..

Chauses with foot padding

You can wear these chausses as light armor to prevent yourself from slight strikes or use them as under armor gear. The chausses are made of light and natural materials so your body won’t overheat in combat. They are lightweight, durable and wear-res..

Doublet for leg armor

We created this doublet according to one of the most popular models among the European knights in the XIV century. Both noble knights and common soldiers were wearing these doublets under their armor. The laced-up doublet without sleeves is made..

Doublet for leg armour type 2

We offer you a reliable under armor gear that was popular among the warriors during the XIV-XVII centuries. It’s an irreplaceable piece of armor for an additional level of protection and comfort in combat. Our sleeveless doublet is made of durab..

Eastern Style Padding

Such a long gambeson is a splendid supplement to your armor kits in Eastern style like lamellar armor. This model was extremely popular among the Eastern tribes during the XII-XIV centuries. Sometimes warriors even reinforced their gambesons with met..

Eastern Style Padding type 2

For true fans of the historical reenactments in the Eastern style, we created this long gambeson to make your experience even more authentic and memorable. This type of padding armor was extremely popular during the XII-XIV centuries thanks to its fu..


In the Middle Ages, gambeson was the most common armor among both soldiers and noble knights. We created this authentic gambeson so you can look in accordance with the hottest medieval trends of the XIV-XV centuries. To create this gambeson, our craf..

Padding kit "Fearless knight"

Such padding kits with spine protection were popular in Europe in the XV century. The under armor gear is comfortable and lightweight so it won’t limit your movement in combat. This kit is able to withstand your opponents’ strikes thanks to the robus..

Pourpoint "Royal Gloss" XV Century

Want to reconstruct the image of the noble knight from Europe of the XIV-XV centuries? We have a splendid pourpoint for your needs! It comes in royal blue color and can be used as a light armor or you can wear it as an under armor gear to complete yo..

Pourpoint of Charles de Blois

Meet our superior quality pourpoint of Charles de Blois — Duke of Brittany (1341-1364). Durable material, beautiful floral design and cloth-covered buttons make this pourpoint a perfect under armor gear for every warrior. Thanks to its sophisticated ..

Pourpoint type 2

Top-notch under armor gear is a crucial part of any protection. We offer you a pourpoint to complete your armor kit and feel comfortable in combat. The pourpoint is made of natural and breathable fabric so your body won’t overheat during your ba..

Buhurt shoes

Medieval boots with high lacing are a perfect match for those warriors who prefer buhurt fighting. It’s a perfect opportunity to get both a medieval look and comfort in combat. The sole is equipped with a slip-resistant micropore. The shoes are made ..

Head padding (cap comforter)

Head protection is an essential part of any medieval armor. Our head padding is made of a natural and lightweight linen to provide you with the highest level of comfort and safety. You can use this head padding as a separate piece of armor or it’s po..
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