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Quality as a guaranty of your safety

  Fighter always puts himself at a risk of injury during battles. That is why it is necessary to protect his body from any accidents. Be wise – reduce the risks before the battle.

   But it’s not enough just to have some armor. Poor-quality protection cannot reduce, but increase the risk of injury because badly-made armor is a cause of injury.

   For example, an excessively heavy armor made of thick metal does not necessarily protect better than the usual high-quality kit. It will certainly hurt your spine, hinder movements and can fail ata decisive moment, giving you an additional burden. Shortcomings occurring during manufacturing process may cost dear to armor’s owner in a combat.

   Let's consider everything in details.


   First of all, an unreliable helmet is a short way to concussion of the brain. The thickness of metal should be not less than 2mm, it is better to use thicker or tempered metal. If you have a hidden protection, it should be at a sufficient distance from the face (minimum two fingers from the nose), otherwise it becomes a latent threat.

   It’s not enough tohave a helmet. You need a reliable cap comforter, since it’s the only way to reduce the risk of injury to the face or a brain concussion. Straps should keep the helmet tightly, so that it does not fall down from the head when someone pulls it (though it is forbidden, you should protect yourself from such situations). The chinstrap must fix the helmet on your head so that it doesn’t move relative to your headwhen you are hit in the face. In such case the hidden protection or visor will not touch your face and will not hurt the nose or chin. Ideally, the helmet should not move at all relative to your head.

   In general, the metal your helmet is made of is your protection, but you should not have direct contact with it, otherwise it becomes a danger. None of the metal parts of the helmet should touch your skin whatever the circumstances may be.

   Cap comforterwillserve right when it’s soft and thick, almost reaches up to the eyebrows in front, covers the temples from the sides, andback of the head from behind. In this case it can effectively suppress strokes.

   Finally, one more important point. Any strap that can hinder blood circulation is dangerous. The vertical strapof the helmet should not strangle you, no matter how hard you may tighten it.

Body protection

   The main weak points concerning body protection are the collarbone and upper back, tailbone and pelvis, underarms and upper ribs zones. As you know, fractureof any of the bones is dangerous. Therefore, high-quality armor is designed to protect you from complex fractures and the potential long-term disability and the inability to fight again.

   Elements of body protection and head protectionmay touch your body only through a softening layer. The spine must be completely covered. Usually, there’s a gap between the body protection and the helmet which has to be covered with any hidden helmet protectionor reinforced collar, preferably both of them. Do not neglect this point, because attacks are always unexpected and neck injuries are quite a serious thing. Good collar will protect your neck from injuries. Many types of armor leftshoulder-blade uncovered, and you should think about that. A good set of armor includes additional protection for them.

   Collarbone must be protected by a gorget or reinforced hidden protection, pelerine. Properly made kit includes these elements as well.

   Another important point is about lower part of the abdomen. In front, there should be no gap between the lower edge of the body protection and the shell covering the groin. They should overlap.

   Do not be lazy to check how well your new armor fits you. You need to check the problem areas standing upright and bending in different directionsseveral times. For example, when you lean back your tailbone may remain uncovered, which is dangerous.

   If you have a brigandine armor, brigandine plates must overlap in any position. High-quality small-plate brigandine has a thickness of not less than 0.5 mm, whilelarge-plate hardened brigandine - 0.8 mm.

  Compliance with these requirements gives you small chances of getting bruises and broken bones.

Limbs protection

   Fractures of hands and feet (not to mention dislocated joints, sprains, etc.) are very common injury among fighters. Therefore, the hands and feet have to be protected properly. Vambraces should be no less than 1 mm thick. Elbow joint has to be covered (from below, on the sides and from behind). The length of vambraces should not allow any space between gauntlets and vambraces.

   Shoulder protection must protect shoulder joint from front and rear strokes. It is very important. But unfortunately lots of people make a mistake here: they wear protection in a way where it covers the front, but leaves the area from behind uncovered, and thus attracting the sword’s blade.

   Knee guards must protect the knee joints from the three sides and do not move relative to the knee when you bend your legs. Sometimes when the leg is bent the knee guard moves upwards and if you fall you’ll hit the ground with bare knees, which can lead to an injury.

   Greaves should not rest on the knee or any other part of the body,otherwise it may result in a severe blow got in a battle. It is better, of course, to use double greaves, but if they are single-flap, they have to protect against side hits, not just cover the bone in front. The lower edges of the greaves must cover ankles, and the greaves must not rest on the feet, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to walk and bend the leg. In case of falling down such greaves can lead to an injury.

   There shouldn’t be a big gap between thigh and body protection. It will exist if there is no protective skirt, but it should be minimal (a few centimeters, no more as it often happens).

   An HMB fighter suffers pain and hits. But it’s really bad to have discomfort while wearing the armor. Nothing should chafe or put pressure, armor should sit comfortably. It is a guarantee that you will be protected from injuries during a battle. And only safe and sound fighter can break through to victory.