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1485 Yorkist man-at-arms, Battle of Bosworth


1 Long boots

2 Hat with a pewter badge for civilian wear

3 Sallet helmet that protected the face

4 Gorget

5 & 6 Paldrons – to protect the shoulder; the left one is bigger because the left side was the defensive side

7 Bevor

8 Pouch

9 Belt

10 Coist – worn underneath the hat to absorb sweat and keep hair back

11 Left arm armour – this was heavier as it was the defensive side.

12 Black cloak – worn over civilian clothing

13 Hourglass gauntlet to protect the hand

14 Ring

15 Rosary beads

16 Money pouch

17 Sabatons – to go over long boots and protect the foot; first piece of armour to go on

18 Tassets – hang from the breast plate to protect upper part of leg

19 Back plate, covered in Duke of Norfolk’s colours

20 Breast plate

21 Cuisse covers the upper part of the leg and greave on the lower. Big wing shaped section covered the back of the joint to stop soldiers being cut behind the knees

22 Right arm made of three pieces - the upper cannon, lower cannon and coulter for the elbow; right hourglass gauntlet

23 Belt for sword scabbard

24 Hand and heart sword with a fishtail pummel – can use it with one or two hands; the sword would have a maker’s mark on the blade

25 Dagger

26 Scabbard for dagger

27 Arming jack with maille sleeves

28 Belt

29 Wooden comb

30 White linen shirt

31 Doublet with folds, indicated a high status; civilian wear. The black garment is hose with a codpiece

32 Pewter spoon, silver handled knife, pewter goblet, wooden bowl and plate

33 Case for knife

34 Scabbard for sword

35 Poleax – someone on foot would use that – smash people’s heads, bend arm so they can’t fight back. Big point at front – hammer part for banging heads


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