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Hit of this year! Armour kit "Immortal knight"

  • Hit of this year! Armour kit "Immortal knight"

The new 2014 began, which means a new season of historical medieval battles will start soon. The spring and summer promise to be busy since two international festivals under the auspices of HMB International Association and Imcf, as well as many regional championships will be held. It all means every fighter has to get durable, comfortable and practical armor to withstand hits and be undefeated in battle.

«Age of Craft» company offers you a set of armor called "Immortal Knight" that will help you to withstand a fight against any opponent.

It combines the most comfortable and reliable protective items allowing a warrior to be manoeuvrable and fight in the front rows withstanding the strongest blows. The armor includes:

1) Helmet, the most important protective element, as it protects your head and aloows to assess the situation quickly due to the good field of view. The offered helmet (German bascinet) also provides good ventilation.

2) Body protection, namely Kusnacht Brigandine Type 1. It’s comfortable enough, does not hinder your movements and offers reliable protection due to the wide plates made of hardened steel.

3) Arm protection, namely splinted-brigg arms with elbows combined with Europen shoulders form the most complete protection for your arms, leaving almost no open zones.

4) Hand protection, namely plate mittens from Nuremberg which offer reliable protection for your fingers due to the wide plates and wide cuffs.

5) Leg protection, namely brigandine-and-splint leg protection covers your legs almost completely and protects from possible hits by any kinds of weapons.

We hope the "Immortal Knight" armor will allow you to get no less than 2014 brilliant victories this year. You can buy the armor for $ 2014 from the managers of our company. Together to victory!


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