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What is Historical Medieval Battle (HMB)?

In the Middle Ages, courage could be demonstrated and proved on a battlefield. Knights were wearing battle armor and fought valiantly for their lives. That time a sword decided the fate of a warrior. Much time has passed since then, but the values, brave warriors, historical medieval battles (HMB) have survived and develop actively with thousands of fans and like-minded people worldwide.

However, not only men fought for their honor and dignity with a sword. There were also brave women who defended their lands and families, including Margaret of Anjou, Nicola de la Haie and Eleanor of Aquitaine. We respect female warriors participating in the historical medieval battles as they often demonstrate really impressive results. 

HMB is an echo of the past as it allows warriors to practice their skills, show their potential, as well as enjoy all the things this noble sport offers. While medieval battles were quite dangerous, safety in HMB sport is the number one priority, which is supported by the community and marked by the international set of rules on equipment, weapons and combat behavior.

A lot of HMB tournaments are organized around the world. The number of participants is growing every year. Since 2010, the HMB World Championship "Battle of the Nations" has been held. It brings together international teams from different parts of the world (from the US to Japan) to compete for the title of the best fighter. There are also categories for men and women at HMB tournaments, so anyone has a chance to prove themselves as a true knight and gain invaluable experience. 

Anyone can join and become a participant in this wonderful sport. Almost every big city has historical reenactment groups, which are always ready to take bold and courageous fighters willing to challenge their skills on the battlefield. Thanks to our seasoned craftsmen, we can produce handcrafted armor for both men and women tailored to your measurements.

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