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Kusnacht Brigandine Type 1

This brigandine is a durable piece of armor that consists of tempered steel plates adjusted to a cloth base. The combined weight of this brigandine is 6.7 kg. Thanks to its high protective qualities and good mobility, this brigandine is a great choic..

Visby Brigandine Type 1

This model has a solid reputation among the experienced fighters since it has been tested by time and battles. It is suitable for both duels and buhurts. “Visby” is light, has a good level of protection and mobility. The perfect choice for beginners ..

Wimbledon brigandine

This buhurt optimized body protection is a great option for medieval combat. Such armor was popular among the knights from Western Europe in the XV century. This model is light, comfortable to wear and provides a high level of protection and flexibil..

Chalkis Brigandine Type 1

Brigandine was a typical armor for the knights of the XIII-XIV centuries. This piece of armor was usually covered with velvet and was attached to the rivets of decorative form. The main features of Сhalkis Brigandine Type 1 are: the clasp o..

Splinted-brigg arms red color

Bracers and biceps of this protection include long plates that are riveted to the red cloth base on top. Thanks to this convenient construction, the protection provides both high level of mobility and safety.  Splinted-brigg arms fit th..

Brigandine-splint leg protection white color

Brigandine-splint leg protection was a common armor among the knights in the XIV-XV centuries. Thanks to its durability and optimal weight, this piece of armor protects you from heavy blows and doesn’t limit your movement. There are also metal plates..

Brigg mittens

Brigg mittens made of natural leather, custom-made by our seasoned craftsmen using high-quality materials will make your battle experience secure and memorable. Brigg mittens consist of hidden steel plates that are implanted under a soft leather lini..

Brigg mittens with wrist protection

These leather Brigg mittens with additional wrist protection are custom-made for your safety during the sparring sessions. The durable wrist part perfectly protects and covers hands allowing you to move freely and hold a weapon tightly. Black, red an..

Chalkis Brigandine Type 2

This medieval brigandine is one of the favorite models among the reenactors of the XIV-XV centuries because it perfectly combines comfort with safety. It’s easy and comfortable to wear thanks to the leather belts with st..

Leeds Brigandine

The armor is adjusted to the body with straps and plates placed with sizable overlap. Thanks to the optimal design, this piece of armor suits the body perfectly and enables a high level of protection. Heavy blows are distributed over the whole square..
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Plate legs of Sir Miles Stapleton

This brigandine leg protection was extremely popular among the knights in the XIV-XV centuries. We combined top-notch tempered steel with robust leather to provide the warriors with protective and comfortable armor. Smaller metal plates are rive..

Splinted-brigg arms with Elbows

These splinted-brigg arms are crafted with the use of long plates that are adjusted to the base with wool on the top. Thanks to this convenient construction, you get both great mobility and protection. This protection is comfortable to wear and cover..

Visby Brigandine Type 3

This brigandine has been tested by time, battles and lots of seasoned warriors. Visby brigandine combines a high level of protection with optimal weight and mobility. These features make Visby brigandine a perfect choice for both experienced fighters..

Visby gauntlets Type 3

These gauntlets were created to combine historical authenticity and a high level of protection to let you feel like a true fighter during the medieval battles. Visby gauntlets are equipped with steel plates over the fingers fixed upon the durable lea..

Brigandine hips of Melchizedek

If you are looking for reliable and authentic hip protection for your glorious battles, the brigandine hips of Melchizedek from Europe of the XV century are a perfect match for your needs. This protection covers both thighs and knees without limiting..

Brigandine thigh protection

This thigh protection of the XIV century is a perfect match for those warriors who are looking for top-notch armor at an affordable price. The tempered steel rivets are adjusted to a reliable base in order to absorb even the strongest strikes of your..

Brigandine-and-splint leg protection

Brigandine-and-splint leg protection from Europe of the XIV century was extremely popular among the knights because it covered the legs from all sides and didn’t restrain movement in combat. This model includes cuisses, articulated knee caps and grea..

Brigandine-and-splint mittens

The perfect combination of splinted and brigandine constructions was designed specifically for medieval battles to provide you with better levels of mobility and protection. Tempered spring steel (titanium is also available) and top-notch leather wil..

Khatangu Degel

This body armor consists of the following elements:Body. It contains a breastplate and a backplate with the slots to provide better mobility. These pieces are adjusted to each other with leather belts and fixed on the shoulders and sides. Leather bel..

Kusnacht Brigandine Bicolor

This brigandine is a piece of plate armor adjusted under a fabric base. This item is crafted according to a historical prototype from Kusnacht castle in Switzerland. Its combined weight is 6.7 kg. The tempered steel plates are riveted to fabric. ..


These tassets can be used as additional hidden protection thanks to the tempered steel plates adjusted to the quilted lining. Such lining and overlapping steel plates provide extra absorption of the heavy blows without limiting the fighter's mobility..

Visby gauntlets Type 1

This type of Visby gauntlets is a perfect option for authentic historical fencing. Thanks to the high-quality natural materials, they are comfortable to wear, practical and durable. Hidden steel plates are tightly adjoined to the soft leather lining...

Brigandine tassets

This tasset is an excellent choice if you want extra tailbone and waist protection. You can strengthen your brigandine by attaching the tassets to armor for better lumbar security. You won’t lose in movement and flexibility, so it’s a perfect way to ..
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