Visby gauntlets Type 1 leather

These leather Visby gauntlets are perfect for historical fencing. The gauntlets are comfortable to use, reliable and durable because of the top-notch natural materials we use for armor production. Hand-sewn details and lightweight (from 0.9 to 1.4 kg..

Brigg mittens

Brigg mittens made of natural leather, custom-made by our seasoned craftsmen using high-quality materials will make your battle experience secure and memorable. Brigg mittens consist of hidden steel plates that are implanted under a soft leather lini..

Brigg mittens with wrist protection

These leather Brigg mittens with additional wrist protection are custom-made for your safety during the sparring sessions. The durable wrist part perfectly protects and covers hands allowing you to move freely and hold a weapon tightly. Black, red an..

HEMA Jacket type 1

If you are a fan of HEMA fencing, this jacket is a must-have for your glorious battles! We used top-quality cotton to produce the jacket and equipped it with a sweat and water resistant inner lining. The collar’s optimal design ensures you stay prote..

Visby gauntlets Type 3

These gauntlets were created to combine historical authenticity and a high level of protection to let you feel like a true fighter during the medieval battles. Visby gauntlets are equipped with steel plates over the fingers fixed upon the durable lea..

Visby gauntlets Type 1

This type of Visby gauntlets is a perfect option for authentic historical fencing. Thanks to the high-quality natural materials, they are comfortable to wear, practical and durable. Hidden steel plates are tightly adjoined to the soft leather lining...
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