Authentic hand-made technologies

Authentic hand-made technologies

An armor made at a factory by press forming cannot be truly qualitative. All the armor manufactured by the “Age of Craft” is hand crafted, produced with the use of authentic technologies. The maximum historical accuracy is one of the reasons we pay so much attention to handwork.

War has always been the real engine of progress. The technology of weapons and armor manufacturing evolved, going ahead of the development of any other technology. A medieval armorer had a lot of material available for investigation, namely armor that was tested in real battles which allowed accurately calculate all the weak points, choose the best methods of work, to do his best and make every next armor kit more reliable than the previous one. Craftsmen learned from their mistakes and mistakes were common. Therefore, the technologies of production, which have survived to our days, are the most optimal for armor manufacturing, the armor that will be used in real battles.

Historical medieval battles deal with full-strength strokes, so it’s better to rely on proven technologies. They did not evolve since the times they ceased to be used for obsolete armor, and modern craftsmen have no experience to improve the old technologies.

That's why we adhere to the technologies that were tested by those who lived many centuries ago.

There’s nothing better to make a well-fitted armor than handwork, and this is the way how all the protective items are made in the workshops of the “Age of Craft”. When all the parts are made by hand, it not only provides a high level of historicity, but is also reasonable in terms of quality control. Everything that is made by hand is checked many times. This careful approach to every detail means safety in a battle, and that is what fighters need.

Every kit of armor we make is unique, and it is a rarity at the time when the industry massively creates exactly the same things. But we understand that in the business of armor production you cannot put the assembly line’s speed above human attention and human skills, above uniqueness, which is given to the items only via men's hands.

We produce armor that cannot be confused with anything else. It is reliable, interesting and corresponding to historical sources. You can be absolutely sure that we produce it in the way the armor was made by armorers and blacksmiths in the days you reenact.

It is not a problem to make armor that will serve as interior decoration and home collection exhibit, but it’s much harder to make the thing which is able to withstand the full-force blows delivered by a good steel weapon. We can protect you as well as armorers of the past could do.