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Bicolor miparti "Agnes"

Our “Agnes” dress is a beautiful and simple garment to complete an authentic image of the medieval woman. The dress is made of light and breathable linen to provide you with the best level of comfort. There is a reliable lacing on the front of the ga..


The beautiful outfit in radiant blue color is a perfect match for those who want to reconstruct the image of women from the Middle Ages. We handcrafted this dress according to the historical examples of medieval garments for better authenticity. ..

Irene with chaperone

We completed our beautiful “Irene” dress with a chaperone to help you get the full image of the elegant noble woman from the Middle Ages. The dress and chaperone are made of natural and light linen so this set is extremely comfortable to wear. We did..

Rose of Pisa

“Rose of Pisa” is a classic medieval dress that is perfect for authentic and vivid reenactments. The beautiful red color allows you to stand out from the crowd which makes this dress perfect for any occasion! You can adjust the dress with the he..

Rose of Pisa with chaperon

We equipped our elegant “Rose of Pisa” dress with a chaperon for a better level of comfort and historical accuracy. The chaperon is a life-saver for windy weather! It’s made of high-quality linen so you can cover your head, neck and shoulders to stay..


If you are looking for a beautiful, comfortable and authentic dress for your reenactments, we have a perfect match for your needs! This gorgeous green dress is able to emphasize your unique beauty and help you stand out from the crowd thanks to the a..

Sansa of Pisa with chaperon

The beautiful combination of deep green and blue colors makes this set of dress and chaperon a perfect option to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, noble ladies and fearless knights. A simple and elegant green dress with a ..

Sea breeze

Want to become a beautiful noble lady from the Middle Ages? We are here to offer you a beautiful “Sea breeze” dress that is perfectly suitable for your needs. We designed this dress according to the historical examples of medieval clothing to he..

Sea breeze with chaperon

Long “Sea breeze” dress is equipped with a chaperon for better comfort and historical accuracy. The wide skirt and long sleeves of the dress provide you with maximum freedom of movement. The blue chaperon is an authentic medieval accessory that cover..
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