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Armor crash tests

Armor for historical medieval battle (HMB) is designed for withstanding full-strength strikes. We put a lot of efforts in choosing metal, processing it, manufacturing buckles and rivets. We offer a possibility to make sure how protective our equipment is.

   Looking at photos of beautiful armor, a fighter wonders if it looks the same after a buhurt, or it’s only a decoration for some interior of he can rely on the protective qualities of the equipment. Even if a master armorer is your friend, it does not mean you are protected from any problems. And when you are waiting for a helmet or breastplate to be delivered from abroad, you’ll certainly have doubts.

   For clients who want to be absolutely confident, the “Age of Craft” offers an optional service, named crash tests. All of them are video recorded. We send videos to clients with the ordered protective equipment. A helmet tested by full-strength strokes. The crash test took place in a workshop, not in a real battle. But you can make sure how it is defensive and you can wear it with confidence.

   Of course, after blows delivered with an ax or a sword, your helmet or a chest plate will not be as perfectly polished as any new armor. But keep in mind that, in any case, it remains untouched only until the first battle. So it’s not a problem to get a helmet with a tiny dent. And in this case, you'll know for sure the item was tested right after it was manufactured and you can trust its durability.

   We carefully check everything we produce, but this test is the ultimate trial and only for those who willing. Video-recorded crash tests are a service offered to clients just to show the quality of product, but it is not mandatory. Usually, videos are ordered for some armor items, for zones considered as weak or problematic. Helmet is the most popular piece of armor, for which crash tests are often requested. This is understandable, as people want to be on the safe on the list.

   High product quality offered by the “Age of Craft” speaks for itself, so we are not afraid to show it in action. Demand crash tests and get tested armor. When you feel confident in a battle you are sure to win!