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Neck protection

Chainmail gorget


Padded coif with scale colar

This padded coif will complement any armor kit and let you stand out from the crowd with its eye-catching scale mail collar. The coif is made of breathable fabric and provides you with extra protection for your collarbones, head, and neck. It weighs ..

Plates gorget

Your collarbones and throat are vulnerable to the strong blows of your opponents. Our craftsmen created this authentic gorget according to the protection popular throughout Europe in the XIV century. Thanks to the innovative design and optimal w..

Steel gorget

This tempered steel gorget is durable protection for your neck and collarbones. Soft leather straps allow you to adjust the gorget to your body armor. The optimal weight (1 kg) enables reliable protection and doesn’t limit your movement during the ba..

Steel gorget for cuirass

Protect your neck and collarbones with a tempered steel gorget for cuirass. The gorget has soft leather straps on both sides. You can wear it under a cuirass or over a brigandine. This durable full-metal neck protection can complete your SCA and HMB ..

Linen colar with steel plates

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