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Topfhelm from Dargen
Topfhelm from Dargen
Topfhelm from Dargen
Topfhelm from Dargen

    It’s a classic and well-recognized type of tophelms. This helmet was designed to protect the head from the outside influences. Also, it has perfect visibility through slits, as well as ventilation holes that are located below the eye slits. Like its historical counterpart, this helmet can survive even the most powerful strikes of pole weapons. This helmet weighs between 3.5 and 4 kg. With chainmail aventail + 2 kg.

Topfhelm from Dargen has top-notch quality, durability and safety because it is made of tempered steel 30HGSA. Helmet has two chin straps for best fixing helmet on head and additional foam padded stickers inside of dome in the area of the eyebrows and the back of the head.

It’s an excellent choice to use it at such events as HMB Buhurt, IMCF, SCA, Battle of the Nations, HEMA, etc.

Options for adding onto helmet: - dome by 3mm tempered steel 30HGSA - padded sport liner or padded liner with pelerine - riveted chainmail aventail - rondel on nape or 6 steel plates by 2 on shoulders and on back

  • $599.00

Weight 4.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIII th century
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