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Nikolskoye helmet
Nikolskoye helmet

It was one of the Russian helmets with a non-removable face and hidden protection. Its dome also had edges for added rigidity and the visor provides reliable protection for the face front and eyes. The Nikolskoye helmet has spring steel as well. 

The helmet weighs up to  3.5-4 kg without the aventail (2 kg). 

This helmet is of prime quality, which is an excellent choice for world-leading knight events as HBM, IMCF, etc. 

It’s made of high-quality steel, and you can wear it freely at many knight events and festivals. 

* Check if you can use this helmet for your chosen knight event. 

Our basic kit has the helmet and a leather aventail.

  • $635.00

Weight 5.00 kg

Region Russ
Age XIII th century
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