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Bascinet wolf ribs visor type 2

The Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor type 2 is a well-proven model with a convenient visor and excellent ventilation system. That is why this model is quite popular among athletes. The additional non-removable visor is attached to the bottom plate of the..

English Salet

The English sallet is optimized for using in buhurts. The helmet provides excellent security, sufficient visibility and ventilation. The curved shape of the bottom plates protects your throat and the back of your head, which is perfect for plate ..
$1 099.00

Italian sallet

This sallet is made based on the Northern Italian pattern, which is stored in the Wallace Collection. It provides excellent protection, good visibility and ventilation. Thanks to the back plate's curved shape, it sits nicely on the head, which i..

Kettle Hat

The Kettle Hat is a popular model that is used in buhurt fighting. This helmet has hidden face protection. With such excellent visibility and safety, fighters often wear it in polearm battles, where they keep the enemy at a distance and avoid clo..

Sugarloaf helmet type 3

Sugarloaf helmet type 3  –  Sugarloaf helmet type 3 – is one of modification sugarloaf helmet with steel cross on visor. The main feature is the more curved lines of the dome and visor, it's make helmet more anatomical. The weight of the..

Bascinet with a visor Hounskull and brass decoration

It’s one of the most extravagant and eye-catching helmets. Its Hounskull visor provides good ventilation in comparison with other military devices. Also, this helmet has eye slits located near the face front that protects eyes from outside influe..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor

Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor is one of the famous and reliable models with a convenient visor, which is different from the wolf ribs visor type 2 by its more aggressive shape. This helmet provides perfect ventilation and visibility.  Bascinet..

East helmet buhurt optimal

Buhurt optimal is a helmet made in the Orient style. Among its key characteristics, there are excellent visibility, simple ventilation, and high-end protection. Buhurt optimal also has an additional layer that secures a face against injuries. ..

Great bascinet with a visor Hounskull

The Great Bascinet is a particular type of medieval battle helmet that appeared in the early or the middle of the 15th century. This helmet has a metal gorget (bevor), which protects the throat and the front part of the neck. Its movable visor pr..

Pig face helmet

The pig face bascinet will be convenient for those fighters who like close-range combat. Thanks to the additional bottom plate, which rests on the visor, this helmet can resist huge blows from shields and heavy weapons. Its visor has many holes f..

Armet with Wrapper

Armet with wrapper is the best option for the buhurt combat. Helmet chin consists of two opening halves–  a removable bevor and a rondelle at the head's back. Armet with wrapper is characterized by excellent all-round protection and perfect ..
$2 500.00

Armet, sport version

The Armet helmet has an Italian origin, and its creation dates back to the 15th century. It’s completely enclosing and has four parts like a skull, a vizor, and two hinged cheekpieces. The armet helmet has perfect ventilation and protects you fro..
$1 200.00

Bascinet from Sitten

Bascinet from Sitten is a high-quality helmet that will protect you in the most fierce knight battle. It belongs to the medieval European armor, which became popular in the late XIV – early XV centuries. Actually, it was worn by German knights at..

Bascinet Hundsgugel Visor

The Hundsgugel Visor helmet looks mysterious and eye-catching. The history of its creation dates back to the 14th century. The unique form of the visor allows good ventilation, while eye slits give good protection and adequate visibility. To enha..

Bascinet Spoleto

Bascinet Spoleto has a movable visor, and it originates from Italy. Its visors have good visibility and ventilation, which allows you to breathe freely Altogether, it makes the bascinet Spoleto an ideal medieval sport combat for your knight tours..

Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull

This Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull appears to be one of the most extravagant and eye-catching helmets. The mentioned helmet originates from the 14th century. Its Hounscull Visor provides good ventilation in comparison with other closed helmets...


Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull and steel gorget is one of the optimal buhurt variations of the renowned helmet. This model has a less elongated Visor and excellent ventilation. The holes are located near the eye sockets that allow knights to see..

Great bascinet

It’s another example of the prominent helms. This great bascinet is characterized by good all-round protection, sufficient visibility, and ideal ventilation. Its elongated and spherical visor ensures perfect sight at a large distance. Thus, this ..

Great bascinet with a visor Hounskull and blackening

The Great Bascinet is a type of the medieval battle helmet, which emerged in the early or in the middle of the  XVth century. This has a wide metal gorget (bevor), which protects the throat and front of the neck. Also, its extended part of t..
$1 050.00

Great bascinet with trellis visor

It’s a Buhurt version of the Kolbenturnierhelm – a German type of the helmet. It has a visor that provides good visibility and ventilation. The great bascinet has a wide metal gorget (bevor), which protects the throat and front of the neck. ..
$1 040.00

Nasal Bascinet

Nasal Bascinet is simple and comfortable. It has a nosepiece, which is perfect for buhurt fights. Also, the bascinet has an extended non-removable nose pad. There is an additional face protection behind the nose piece that is hidden by the aventa..

Sugarloaf helmet

It’s a very protective and comfortable helmet. Its opening visor makes it more comfortable than a Tophelm. A Sugarloaf Helmet provides good neck protection. Nearly 1220-1350, it became the frog-mouth helm. Its weight is 4-4.5 kg. It is made..

Sugarloaf helmet type 2

Sugarloaf helmet type 2 existed at the beginning of the XIVth century. Its main difference from the classical tophelm is a conical-dome sphere Sometimes this type of the helmet was compared with bascinets. Its weight with invisible protection v..

The Orient Helmet Mamluk Chichak XV century

It’s a Buhurt adaptation of the widely used Orient helmet. It is equipped with a non-removable nose pad and an extended visor. For more safety, the Chishak has hidden protection. Its nice feature is the ability to attach a feather or other decor...

Turban Helmet Iran type 2

The turban helmet Iran type 2 is a buhurt adaptation of the Orient style. It has a non-removable nose and additional protection hidden by a chainmail aventail. Its invisible guard is slightly extended to the warriors’ face. The turban helmet Iran..

Turban Helmet Iran XV century

It’s Buhurt version of the Orient helmet with a non-removable nose and a chainmail aventail (hidden protection). Its invisible guard extends to the face of a warrior, which protects against punches during the battles. The other advantages of this..

Bascinet from Nuremberg

Bascinet from Nuremberg is a simple model with a comfortable visor. It was a popular helm in the 14th century.   This helmet weighs between 3.5 and 4 kg. It has a hidden protection and an aventail of 2 kg.   Bascinet fro..

Gorodets Type 1

A classic Russian helmet has a non-removable face, eye and hidden protection. It was depicted in many written sources of the 14th-15th centuries.  This type of the helmet weighs about 3.5-4kg; except for the aventail (2kg).  A cla..

Great helm of Richard Pembridge

The Great Helm of Richard Pembridge is one of the representations of the classic Tophelms. It has a large number of holes; this way, it ensures good ventilation for a fighter during the battle. This helmet has a convex (bulging) top. The weig..

Topfhelm from Dargen

It’s a classic and well-recognized type of tophelms. This helmet was designed to protect the head from the outside influences. Also, it has perfect visibility through slits, as well as ventilation holes that are located below the eye slits. Like ..

Nikolskoye helmet

It was one of the Russian helmets with a non-removable face and hidden protection. Its dome also had edges for added rigidity and the visor provides reliable protection for the face front and eyes. The Nikolskoye helmet has spring steel as well.&..

German bascinet

The German bascinet is one of the most recognizable helmets, which is equipped with a non-removable visor. It's an open-face that covers ears and the front. This helmet fits well into chainmail aventail.  Its weight is 3.5-4 kg (without t..

Bascinet with a peak

The bascinet with a peak is a classic helmet equipped with a visor for more excellent facial protection. This helmet has excellent visibility and ventilation. The bascinet with a peak was a popular model in the 14th century.  The helmet w..

Italian Barbute

The Italian Barbute resembles the bascinets. This helmet dates back to the 15th century. But it has better neck protection. Among its additional elements, there are features that secure eyes and the face against injuries.  Its weight vari..
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