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Hourglass mittens

High-quality arm protection is a must-have for every true fighter. Hourglass mittens of European armor of the XIV century will provide you with top-notch wrist protection. The mittens are made of tempered spring steel and their lighter weight (2.5 kg..

Mittens from Nuremberg for one and half sword fencing

Hands protection is one of the top priorities during training sessions and medieval fencing. These lightweight tempered spring steel mittens (1.8 kg) from the XV century Nuremberg are suitable for one and a half sword fencing and provide a top-notch ..

Plate mittens from Nuremberg type 1 (buhurt optimized)

Secure your sparring sessions with the plate mittens from Nuremberg of the beginning of the XV century. These comfy plate mittens allow you to hold your weapon tight, keep your palms and fingers secure and provide a high level of mobility during the ..

Visby gauntlets Type 1 leather

These leather Visby gauntlets are perfect for historical fencing. The gauntlets are comfortable to use, reliable and durable because of the top-notch natural materials we use for armor production. Hand-sewn details and lightweight (from 0.9 to 1.4 kg..

Articulated “Christ’s Army” dark

These top-notch gauntlets will reliably protect your palms, wrists and knuckles during harsh combat. Their optimal weight and design won’t limit your movement and ensure a tight grasp of the weapons. We blackened the gauntlets to achieve this be..

Brigg mittens

Brigg mittens made of natural leather, custom-made by our seasoned craftsmen using high-quality materials will make your battle experience secure and memorable. Brigg mittens consist of hidden steel plates that are implanted under a soft leather lini..

Brigg mittens with wrist protection

These leather Brigg mittens with additional wrist protection are custom-made for your safety during the sparring sessions. The durable wrist part perfectly protects and covers hands allowing you to move freely and hold a weapon tightly. Black, red an..

Buhurt plate mittens

Secure your sparring sessions with the plate mittens of the beginning of the XV century. These comfy plate mittens allow you to hold your weapon tight, keep your palms and fingers secure and provide a high level of mobility during the training sessio..

Buhurt plate mittens type 2


Milan mittens “Steel Fingers”

These tempered spring steel mittens from XV century Milan enable perfect movability of fingers and allow to hold any weapon tightly, providing top-notch protection functions for palm and wrist. The steel part is adjoined to the leather base, providin..

Mittens from Nuremberg Titanium


Plate mittens "Christ's army" (articulated wrist)

Secure your palms and wrists with these highly protective plate mittens. These plate mittens are based on the gauntlets from the painting “Christ's Army” by Jan van Eyck from the Netherlands (XV century). Material: tempered spring steelWeight: 2..

Plate mittens from Milan

Get ready for the trip to medieval Italy but don’t forget about the top-notch arm protection. Plate mittens from Milan cover the whole back of the hand, fingers and knuckles. The thumb is protected with a smaller steel plate. Lightweight of these gau..

Shield mittens

Keep your hands protected with our lightweight (1 kg/2.2 lb) and durable shield mittens. This protection is made of 0.8 mm (0.03 in) steel and ensures you get the highest level of safety and mobility in combat. The mittens cover your palm and fingers..

Visby gauntlets Type 3

These gauntlets were created to combine historical authenticity and a high level of protection to let you feel like a true fighter during the medieval battles. Visby gauntlets are equipped with steel plates over the fingers fixed upon the durable lea..

Brigandine-and-splint mittens

The perfect combination of splinted and brigandine constructions was designed specifically for medieval battles to provide you with better levels of mobility and protection. Tempered spring steel (titanium is also available) and top-notch leather wil..

Gauntlets Count John Arundel

These gauntlets from England of the XV century are must-have arm protection for your sparring sessions. The highest level of protection is provided by the 2 segments and extra ribs that cover the palm and fingers. Tempered spring steel plates enable ..

Gauntlets from Ripon Cathedral "Blue velvet"

Safety is a top priority for every true warrior. This historically inspired luxury arm protection from Europe of the XIV century provides a high level of flexibility and a good sense of sword.Material: tempered spring steelWeight: 2.5 kgThickness: 1...

Hourglass gauntlets

The classic hourglass gauntlets are perfect for medieval fencing. The shape of the tempered spring steel plate provides a high level of mobility and articulation keeping your fingers and wrists safe. Thanks to the thinner tempered spring steel the ga..

Hourglass gauntlets "Dark knight"

Make your reconstructions historically accurate and safe with top-notch arm protection created by using hand-made technologies. Hourglass gauntlets “Dark Knight” will help you turn into an authentic noble knight from the XIV century. Thanks to the te..

Hourglass gauntlets "Red velvet"

Classic hourglass gauntlets from Europe of the XIV century are now available in luxury red color. They have all features of the classic hourglass gauntlets like the highest level of mobility and wrist, fingers and knuckles protection, but tempered sp..

Hourglass Mittens Brass style

These hourglass mittens were created to make your medieval battles secure, comfortable and authentic. This luxury armor is a reconstruction of the XIV century European mittens, improved by the enhanced wrist and thumb protection. Hourglass mittens ma..


Mittens in the Italian style made from 1.2-1 mm tempered spring steel provide you with mobility, safety, perfect articulation and steady grip of any weapon. Tempered spring steel plates protect your palm and wrist without limiting the movements.Mater..

Plate mittens XVI century

Discover your knightly nature with these reliable plate mittens of the XVI century. This historical stylization of the medieval armor was created to provide you with the best level of protection. The fingers are covered with one steel plate that form..

Visby gauntlets Type 1

This type of Visby gauntlets is a perfect option for authentic historical fencing. Thanks to the high-quality natural materials, they are comfortable to wear, practical and durable. Hidden steel plates are tightly adjoined to the soft leather lining...

Milan gauntlets

Protect your arms with light authentic gauntlets from Italy of the XV century. Thanks to the deeper finger plates, you receive both flexibility and hand protection. Using Milan gauntlets, you are able to feel your wrist as free as possible which allo..

Plate mittens "Christ's army"

Make your historical medieval battles safe and memorable with these top-notch tempered spring steel plate mittens. A large steel plate protects the back of the hand, knuckles and wrist. The smaller plate reliably covers the thumb. The semicircular se..

Chainmail Mittens

Medieval fencing requires top-notch hand protection and the highest level of articulation. The suede mittens with 0.8 mm tempered spring steel plates are reinforced with chain mail to protect the suede upper layer from damage. The mittens are suitabl..

Gauntlets from Ripon Cathedral

Make your reconstructions historically accurate and safe with tempered spring steel gauntlets from Ripon Cathedral, England. A single metal plate protects the wrist and covers the entire back of the hand and knuckles. The cuff of the glove doesn't re..

Plate mittens "Christ's army" (long crague)

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the medieval knightly battles and don’t forget to protect your arms because they are exposed to heavy loads during the fighting. One tempered spring steel plate covers the whole back of the hand, wrist and knuc..

Plate mittens from Nuremberg

Secure yourself with historically accurate plate mittens from Germany of the XV century. The gauntlets are made of tempered spring steel. This material is both light and durable so you will avoid scratching and deformation of the armor and get a high..

Steel Fist

This product has no historical analogs but it’s a perfect choice for hand protection during training.The anatomical shape of the clenched fist with a small circle to protect the hand and a bigger hole that allows to use it with almost all kinds of on..
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