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Cotte d'arme

Burlet for Helmet Type 1

Do you want to customize your helmet and make your reenactments vivid and memorable? This eye-catching burlet looks perfect with almost any armor set. You can also use it to protect your helmet from UV rays and reduce the force of impact. Whether you..

Burlet for Helmet Type 2

Equip your helmet with this amazing burlet and get ready for your glorious battles! It’s not just a pretty accessory but also a fantastic tool to cover your helmet from UV rays that can corrode steel. The burlet won’t limit your visibility, so you ca..

Burlet for Helmet Type 3

Do you want to look terrific on the battlefield? Then, our burlet for a helmet is just what you need to decorate your armor kit with a colorful accent. With such a fantastic combination of black, yellow, and white, you will look stylish and elegant. ..

Cotte d'arme #3

Inspired by the authentic medieval garments, we used our top-quality material to create this breathable and comfortable tunic for your successful reenactments. This short-sleeved tunic won’t limit your movement on the battlefield. If you are loo..

Cotte d'arme #4


Cotte d'arme #5


Cotte d'arme #1

Inspired by the garments of the XIV-XV centuries, we combined historical accuracy with superior materials so you can move without any limits during your triumphant battles. A buttoned tunic with short sleeves and a soft lining is made of top-notch cl..

Cotte d'arme #2

Looking for a top-notch garment for your reenactments? Our white and blue tied tunic with short sleeves and a soft lining is a perfect match for your needs. We used the historical examples of the XIV-XV centuries to provide you with a garment that co..
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