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Bascinet with a visor Hounskull and brass decoration

It’s one of the most extravagant and eye-catching helmets. Its Hounskull visor provides good ventilation in comparison with other military devices. Also, this helmet has eye slits located near the face front that protects eyes from outside influen..

Burgonet of Sir John Smythe

The light closed armet is called Burgonet, also known as a Burgundian sallet, was a Renaissance combat helmet originally made by Greenwich. Ornamented with brass rivets and buckles decoration with padded velvet liner inside, the burgonet helmet is ch..
$4 990.00

Plate legs of Count of Matsch blackened with brass

Plate Legs of Count of Matsch blackened with brass were common in Lombardy and Germany in the XIV-XV centuries. This piece of armor is made of tempered steel and has a unique design to let you stand out from the crowd.The hips are decorated with bras..
$1 500.00

Shins anatomical blackened with brass

Such type of blackened shin protection from medieval Europe of the XIV century were common among both cavalry and infantry thanks to their functionality and optimal weight. This model covers your shins and doesn’t restrict your movement because of it..

Arms Sir Hugh Calveley

This reliable arm protection is made of superior quality hardened steel and decorated with a brass plate with gems. The armor includes pauldrons, elbow cops and vambraces. Durable full plate arm protection doesn’t have any gaps, keeps you safe during..

Edwards black greaves

This beautiful piece of armor is a bright representative of leg protection that was common in the Late Middle Ages. The greaves reliably cover your thighs and knees without any gaps. At the same time, the protection is comfortable to wear and it does..

Hourglass gauntlets "Dark knight"

Make your reconstructions historically accurate and safe with top-notch arm protection created by using hand-made technologies. Hourglass gauntlets “Dark Knight” will help you turn into an authentic noble knight from the XIV century. Thanks to the te..

Hourglass gauntlets "Red velvet"

Classic hourglass gauntlets from Europe of the XIV century are now available in luxury red color. They have all features of the classic hourglass gauntlets like the highest level of mobility and wrist, fingers and knuckles protection, but tempered sp..

Hourglass Mittens Brass style

These hourglass mittens were created to make your medieval battles secure, comfortable and authentic. This luxury armor is a reconstruction of the XIV century European mittens, improved by the enhanced wrist and thumb protection. Hourglass mittens ma..

Hourglass Mittens with Etching

Classic hourglass gauntlets with narrow wrists and expanded cuffs are a must-have for every courageous warrior! To make your reenactments not only safe but also authentic, we designed the gauntlets according to the armor that was popular in Medieval ..

Leather Chalkis Brigandine Type 1

Meet our leather brigandine that was designed according to the historical examples of the XIV-XV centuries. This medieval leather armor is a perfect match for those fighters who require a maximum level of protection and need to withstand the mig..

Plate arms Miles Stapleton Dark

This reliable and practical piece of armor has been tested by time and lots of experienced warriors. Tempered steel protection covers your biceps, elbows and shoulders from all sides without gaps and provides a great level of security. The convenient..

Plate hips of Count of Matsch blackened with brass

Plate legs of Count of Matsch combine unique design with historical accuracy. This beautiful leg protection comes in radiant black color and protects your thighs and knees from the strongest strikes of your opponents. Tempered steel plates prote..

Plate legs protection from tombstones brass style

If you require the highest level of protection for your legs, this piece of armor is a perfect option for you. The legs are reliably covered from all sides and the knees are articulated so you can stay both mobile and protected during the reenactment..
$1 600.00

Pourpoint "Royal Gloss" XV Century

Want to reconstruct the image of the noble knight from Europe of the XIV-XV centuries? We have a splendid pourpoint for your needs! It comes in royal blue color and can be used as a light armor or you can wear it as an under armor gear to complete yo..

Pourpoint of Charles de Blois

Meet our superior quality pourpoint of Charles de Blois — Duke of Brittany (1341-1364). Durable material, beautiful floral design and cloth-covered buttons make this pourpoint a perfect under armor gear for every warrior. Thanks to its sophisticated ..

Pourpoint of Charles de Blois with Chausses

If you require a top-notch set of under armor gear, this pourpoint with chausses is a perfect match for your needs. This set is made of top-notch wool to provide you with an excellent level of comfort in combat. The pourpoint is equipped with reliabl..

Sabatons blackening

Foot protection is a crucial part of your safety in combat. We created these lightweight (1 kg) and reliable tempered spring steel sabatons to provide you with a maximum level of safety and historical accuracy during your reenactments. The sophi..
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