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Warrior from Russ


Get ready for the fascinating journey to the XII-XIV centuries with our top-notch highly protective armor kit Warrior from Russ. Handcrafted by the team of our craftsmen, it will provide you with a high level of protection and mobility during the historical reenactments. 

Armor kit Warrior from Russ includes Gorodets type 1, riveted-sewn on lamellar, bracer of Sakhnovki, Brigg mittens, hips hidden protection under pants and greaves from Novgorod.


1. Gorodets Type 1 is a classic helmet with a non-removable face cover and hidden protection. You can wear this helmet at such events as HMB (Battle of the Nations), SCA, HEMA, etc.

2. Riveted-sewn on lamellar is a reliable and practical piece of armor that includes the plates attached to a cloth or leather base. The force of the strong blows distributes over the whole armor equally, gradually losing its damage. 

3. Bracer of Sakhnovski has an anatomical shape and fits the hand perfectly. The bracer is comfortable to wear and it can be fixed with the help of leather belts. 

4. Brigg mittens leather mittens will make your experience safe, memorable and historically accurate. The bracers are painted from the inside to prevent metal from rusting.  

5. Hips under protection

6. Estern plate greaves will provide you with top-notch security during the battles and let you move completely freely.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact our support team. We will be glad to provide you with detailed information and answer your questions.

  • $2 960.00

Weight 25.00 kg

Region Russ
Age XII-XIV th century
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