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Warrior from Leeds

Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds
Warrior from Leeds

Warrior from Leeds is a stylish and reliable kit for authentic and safe battles. The kit includes: 

1. Plate Arms

Solid protection to cover your arms and biceps in combat and let you move freely so that nothing can restrict your moves. The sophisticated design eliminates gaps in your armor and allows you to withstand even the heaviest strikes. 

2. Helmet Grand Barbute

This authentic head protection of Italian origin is made of hardened steel. It provides great protection and keeps your face, eyes, and neck safe in combat. 

3. Leeds Brigandine

The brigandine is adjusted to the body with leather straps and plates with sizable overlap. This piece of armor perfectly fits the body and ensures high-level protection. 

4. Steel Gorget

We created this tempered spring steel gorget to protect your neck and collarbones from heavy strikes. It’s adjusted to the brigandine with soft but durable leather straps.

5. Plate Mittens from Nuremberg (buhurt optimized) 

The plate mittens allow holding the weapon tight so it won’t slip off your hand. We recommend wearing these mittens with padded gloves to ensure a better experience.

6. Milan Simple Shoulders

Inspired by the XV century's Italian models, our spaulders reliably cover shoulders and biceps without restraining movement in combat. The armor can be fastened with the help of soft leather straps. 

7. Plate Legs from Milan

If you require superior protection for your thighs, knees, and shins, this piece of armor is a perfect match for your needs! Knee caps are well-articulated and don't limit your movement in combat.  

8. Sabatons without Heel

Foot protection is crucial for every fighter! Our sabatons without heels were designed to provide you with a maximum level of comfort and safety. The sabatons are fastened with leather straps and steel buckles.

  • $4 300.00
  • $3 870.00

Weight 30.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XV th century
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