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Tournament Armor kit #2


Get ready for your victorious battles with our top-notch tournament armor kit. This highly protective kit will secure you during the harsh battles and won’t limit your movement so you can stay safe and mobile. Tournament armor kit #2 includes helmet wolf ribs, Kusnacht brigandine type 1, shins anatomical ¾, plate shoulders from "Abraham van Loon" headstone, plate bracer with an elbow, plate mittens "Christ's army" (buhurt optimized) and European segmented hips. 

1. Helmet Wolf Ribs gained a solid reputation among modern warriors. The helmet has great ventilation and visibility. There’s also a guard attached to the bottom plate to cover the throat. 

2. Kusnacht Brigandine Type 1 contains tempered steel plates adjusted to a fabric base. It’s perfectly suitable for duels and buhurts. 

3. Shins anatomical ¾ has an anatomical shape to provide you with the highest level of mobility and let you move freely. There are also soft leather belts to fasten the greaves.

4. Plate shoulders from "Abraham van Loon" headstone headstone protect your shoulders and biceps without restraining your movement. There aren’t any gaps in the armor to keep you safe during the harsh battles. 

5. Plate bracer with elbow was popular among the knights of the XIV century. The bracer is attached with a leather band to a semicircular elbow pad with a petal and can be fastened with a leather strap. 

6. Plate mittens "Christ's army" (buhurt opimized) allow you to hold a weapon tightly and protect your fingers and wrist. 

7. European segmented hips are light and provide a great level of protection for your legs. This piece of armor is made of natural and durable materials.

  • $2 610.00

Weight 25.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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