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Steadfast Guard


Our reliable and practical armor kit “Steadfast Guard” will protect you during the buhurts, reenactments and tournaments of HMB. This armor kit of the XIV century includes bascinet from Sitten, Сhalkis brigandine type 2, plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton, simple vambraces from Milan, Milan gauntlets, brigandine thigh protection and three segments greaves. 

1. Bascinet from Sitten is an excellent choice if you are looking for top-notch protection and flexibility. It’s made with the use of tempered  steel with a hardening cycle method.

2. Сhalkis Brigandine Type 2 is a combination of comfort and safety. It covers almost the full torso without any gaps and doesn’t restrain your movement. 

3. Plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton contain four plates riveted on leather belts to fasten the armor. tempered steel provides the highest level of durability.

4. Simple vambraces from Milan reliably cover your forearms and elbows. You can fasten the vambraces to your gambeson with leather belts. 

5. Milan gauntlets the two-part cuffs of Milan gauntlets are movable and scale-armor fingers are adjusted to a plate. These gauntlets were a typical piece of armor in Italy of the XV century.

6. Brigandine thigh protection handcrafted with the use of tempered steel reliably protects your thighs from hard blows. 

7. Three segment greaves were popular among the warriors in Germany of the XIV century. This protection is both reliable and historically accurate.

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Weight 25.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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