Premium Armour Kit for Sale

Premium armour kit


Premium armor kit is one of the most outstanding sets to gain a striking victory against even the most skillful opponent. The protective features of the Premium armor kit are undeniable, it is handcrafted to protect you against your opponent’s heavy blows and let you move without any limits. 


The Premium armor kit consists of bascinet klappvisor from Sitten, shoulder protection from Milan, chalkis brigandine type 1, plate arms from Milan, gauntlets from Ripon cathedral and plate legs from Milan. 


1. Bascinet Klappvisor from Sitten is a durable helmet with hidden protection created with the use of tempered   steel with a hardening cycle method. This helmet is one of the best choices for open-air knight festivals.  

2. Shoulder Protection from Milan is perfect to secure your shoulders and biceps. The simple design and light weight of this protection eliminate any gaps in the armor to keep you safe during the battles. 

3. Chalkis Brigandine type 1 has the clasp on buckles and leather belts on the breastplate. The leather belts on the breastplate allow you to wear armor without someone’s help. 

4. Plate Arms from Milan will protect your arms with 1.2 mm hardened   steel. The leather straps to fasten the piece of armor are also available.

5. Gauntlets from Ripon Cathedral cover the back of your hand, wrist and knuckles. Your armor will be safe from scratching thanks to the soft leather basis of these gauntlets.

6. Plate Legs from Milan are made of 5 segments that provide both leg protection and a high level of mobility during harsh battles. 


For any additional information, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We will be glad to provide you with detailed information and answer your questions.

  • $3 425.00

Weight 25.00 kg

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