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"Immortal Knight" armour kit

“Immortal Knight” armor kit is a perfect choice for everyone who prefers authentic historical reenactments and knight tournaments. This armor kit is comfortable to wear and it doesn't restrain your movement providing you with a great level of flexibi..
$2 515.00

Milan Ironclad

Travel to the XV century Italy with our knight’s armor set “Milan Ironclad”. This armor kit was handcrafted by using medieval samples to provide you with the highest level of authenticity during the battles. The armor is made of natural and usable ma..
$4 830.00

Optimum armour kit

Whether you are a newbie to HMB or an experienced warrior, this armor kit will protect you even during the toughest battles and won’t restrain your movement so you can make your reenactments safe and memorable. This armor kit is light and durable so ..
$1 999.00

Shadow Warrior

This armor kit combines an upscale design with a great level of protection. We created the “Shadow Warrior” kit according to the original historical examples of armor to make your reenactments safe and authentic. Concentrate on your glorious battles ..
$3 345.00

Tournament Armor Kit

This top-notch tournament armor kit from the XIV century will help you become a true winner. High-quality armor handcrafted by our seasoned craftsmen is completely suitable for buhurts and competition. We can craft custom armor on your request based ..
$2 540.00

Tournament Armor kit #3

Safety is a top priority for a true warrior and we are ready to protect you during the tough battles with our Tournament armor kit #3. It was designed and handcrafted by the team of our craftsmen to let you feel secure and mobile. This armor kit will..
$2 980.00

Warrior from Leeds

Warrior from Leeds is a stylish and reliable kit for authentic and safe battles. The kit includes: 1. Plate ArmsSolid protection to cover your arms and biceps in combat and let you move freely so that nothing can restrict your moves. The sophist..
$4 300.00

Armor kit of Melchizedek

Reveal your daring spirit with this top-quality armor kit popular among the European knights in the 14th century! This armor kit is perfectly suitable for buhurt fighting and championships. Our seasoned craftsmen are ready to produce custom-made armo..
$3 290.00

European Plate Warrior

European Plate Warrior of the 15th century includes:1. Sport Armet Helmet2. Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious3. Steel gorget for cuirass4. Shoulder protection from Milan5. Plate arms from Milan6. Plate mittens from Milan7. Plate Legs from Milan8...
$5 475.00

Kit of Friedrich Victorious

Meet the kit of Friedrich Victorious — a Count Palatine of the Rhine from Heidelberg (Germany) of the XV century. All items of this kit are made of reliable and natural materials. Choosing this armor kit, you get both a simple and authentic design th..
$5 515.00

Premium armour kit

Premium armor kit is one of the most outstanding sets to gain a striking victory against even the most skillful opponent. The protective features of the Premium armor kit are undeniable, it is handcrafted to protect you against your opponent’s heavy ..
$3 425.00

Tournament Armor kit #2

Get ready for your victorious battles with our top-notch tournament armor kit. This highly protective kit will secure you during the harsh battles and won’t limit your movement so you can stay safe and mobile. Tournament armor kit #2 includes helmet ..
$2 610.00

Warrior from Russ

Get ready for the fascinating journey to the XII-XIV centuries with our top-notch highly protective armor kit Warrior from Russ. Handcrafted by the team of our craftsmen, it will provide you with a high level of protection and mobility during the his..
$2 960.00

Economy armour kit

At all times, brave knights were fighting for their honor with a sword. It is equally important to complement your weapon with reliable armor to feel secure and mobile during the harsh battles. Economy armor kit is a great choice for those who want t..
$1 199.00

Steadfast Guard

Our reliable and practical armor kit “Steadfast Guard” will protect you during the buhurts, reenactments and tournaments of HMB. This armor kit of the XIV century includes bascinet from Sitten, Сhalkis brigandine type 2, plate shoulders of Sir Miles ..
$2 795.00
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