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Armour kit

Kit of Frederich Victorious

1. Great bascinet with trellis visor 2. Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious 3. Shoulders "Friedrich Victorious" 4. Plate arms from Count John Arundel 5. Gauntlets Count John Arundel 6. Plate legs protection from tom..
$4 599.00

Milan Ironclad

Historically accurate the knight's armor, which you can find in our store, were constructed from the medieval samples.  Made of natural and usable materials, Milan Ironclad is pleasant in use, practical and durable. Milan IronClad consist of :It..
$3 799.00

Steadfast Guard

1. Bascinet from Sitten 2. Сhalkis Brigandine Type 2 3. Plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton 4. Simple vambraces from Milan 5. Milan gauntlets 6. Brigandine thigh protection 7. Three segments greaves ..
$2 599.00

Tournament Armor Kit

1. Nasal Bascinet 2. Visby Brigandine Type 1 3. Segment arms from the altar sv.Jakoba 4. Plate mittens from Nuremberg 5. European segmented hips 6. Plate greaves ..
$2 299.00

Tournament Armor kit #2

1. Helmet Wolf Ribs2. Kusnacht Brigandine Type 13. Shins anatomical 3/44. Plate shoulders from "Abraham van Loon" headstone5. Plate bracer with elbow6. Plate mittens "Christ's army" (buhurt opimized)7. European segmented hips..
$2 470.00

Tournament Armor kit #3

1. Sugarloaf helmet type 22. Wimbledon brigandine3. Shins anatomical 3/44. Plate shoulders from "Abraham van Loon" headstone5. Plate bracer with elbow6. Mittens from Nuremberg for one and half sword fencing7. Plate hips of Count of Matsch..
$2 725.00

"Immortal Knight" armour kit

“Immortal Knight” fits perfectly for everyone who prefer historic  reenactment  and modern knight tournaments. Also it is comfortable and aesthetic,  notable advantage in this respect is that armour kit do not constrain movement."Immor..
$2 014.00

Economy armour kit

In all the times good weapon and strong armor defend brave warriors in the heavy fighting. Modern armor still in use today, which also underlines their importance while participating in historical medieval battles. Economy  armour kit consists o..
$1 199.00

Optimum armour kit

1. Great helm of Richard Pembridge 2. Kusnacht Brigandine Type 1 3. Plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton 4. Plate arms segment 5. Visby gauntlets Type 3 6. Cuisses with shin guards ..
$1 999.00

Premium armour kit

On this site you will find a great selection of full armor sets.Which  is the  more comfortable way finally to be able to claim victory in our battle against your opponent. The Premium armour kit consist of :bascinet klappvisor from sitten;..
$2 999.00

Warrior from Russ

1. Gorodets Type 1 2. Riveted-sewn on lamellar 3. Bracer of Sakhnovki 4. Brigg mittens 5. Hips under protection under pants 6. Greaves from Novgorod ..
$2 799.00
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