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Arms of Melchizedek

This piece of armor is a perfect match for both experienced fighters and novices. Thanks to its optimal design, this protection doesn’t limit your movements. It covers your biceps and elbows from all sides. Arms of Melchizedek are comfortable and pro..

Italian plate arms XVth century

We created these Italian plate arms based on the historical piece from the XV century to ensure you get the highest level of comfort and safety in combat. This durable piece of armor includes vambraces, well-articulated elbow cops, and rerebraces. Pl..

Plate arms from "Abraham van Loon" headstone

This arm protection is practical and reliable, it’s comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. The armor includes:shoulder pads with extra biceps protectionsimple elbow pads with a petal for enhanced protectionbraces with lengthening for overlapping t..

Plate arms from Milan

Protect your hands with plate arms from Milan made of 1.2 mm hardened steel and equipped with leather straps. The parts of these plate arms are connected by rivets and leather straps to fasten the arm protection. The reputation of this model has alre..

Plate bracer with elbow

Such type of bracer equipped with elbow caps was a typical armor for medieval knights of the XIV century. The bracer is attached with a leather band to a semicircular elbow pad with a petal. It is fastened around the hand by a leather strap and, due ..

Plate buhurt optimal shoulders

This durable protection is created to cover the shoulders with no gaps and provide the fighter with a great level of mobility. This model includes several segments that replicate the shape of the shoulder. Using this protection, you can withstan..

Segment arms from the altar of St. Jacob

It is a durable tempered steel protection for your hands that provides a great level of security, has an optimal weight to allow you to move without limitations and can be used in duels.Steel arms consist of:steel bracersteel elbowshoulder protection..

Segmented European shoulder XV century


Shoulder protection from Milan

This tempered steel shoulder protection from Milan of the XV century is handcrafted for your safe and authentic reenactments. The articulated system of the shoulder plates enables a great level of mobility and doesn’t limit your movement during the h..

Splinted-brigg arms red color

Bracers and biceps of this protection include long plates that are riveted to the red cloth base on top. Thanks to this convenient construction, the protection provides both high level of mobility and safety.  Splinted-brigg arms fit th..

Buhurt plate mittens type 2


European plate bracer

Steel bracer completely closes your hand, and hinges makes it more comfortable to use. It is fastened around the hand on leather strap and, due to the anatomical shape, fits well on the arm. The bracer have a leather band to attach the elbow pad.The ..

Italian Full Plate Arms Dark


Italian plate arms Dark with brass


Italian plate shoulders


Leather Bracers with Elbows

Our top-quality bracers with elbows are made of soft and durable leather, providing the maximum level of protection. The bracers cover your hands from all sides without limiting your movement in combat. We also equipped these bracers with tempered sp..

Plate arms "Shadow Warrior"

Plate arms with sewn-in mittens can be a great option for you if you are looking for solid protection to cover the arms from all sides. This piece of armor covers your shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms and knuckles without any gaps. Thanks to the..
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Plate arms from Milan Dark

Protect your hands with plate arms from Milan made of 1.2 mm hardened steel and equipped with leather straps. The parts of these plate arms are connected by rivets and leather straps to fasten the arm protection. The reputation of this model has alre..

Plate arms in Churburg style

These reliable arms are decorated with tempered steel brass plates. There are also brass buckles on the straps. The anatomical shape of the vambraces doesn’t restrain the movements and makes this protection comfortable to wear. Plate arms in Churburg..

Plate arms segment

If you are a novice fighter, take a closer look at this light and practical hand protection. It’s made of 1.2 mm hardened steel that provides a high level of protection. This piece of armor combines an affordable price with great quality and durabili..

Plate arms segment dark

Meet the dark version of our top-notch plate arms. They are perfect for both experienced fighters and beginners. If you require a great level of protection and durability at an affordable price, consider getting these plate arms for your training. Th..

Plate arms XVI century

This armor from the XVI century provides the highest level of protection for biceps and arms. Tempered steel plates are riveted to the flexible elbow plates. The plate arms don’t restrain the hand movement and keep you safe. The anatomical shape of t..

Plate buhurt optimal shoulders dark

This durable protection covers the shoulders from all sides and doesn’t restrain movement in combat which makes it perfect for buhurts. Thanks to the anatomical shape of the armor, it’s easy and comfortable to wear.Plate buhurt optimal shoulders are ..

Plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton

These simple and durable shoulder pads consist of four plates riveted on leather belts to fasten the armor. Shoulder bone and biceps are covered with segmented spaulders. Tempered steel ensures the highest level of durability and comfort...

Shoulder protection from Milan in brass style

This tempered steel shoulder protection from Milan of the XV century is decorated with brass plates and etching. The design of this protection eliminates any gaps which make it perfect to keep your shoulders and biceps safe. There are also brass buck..

Shoulders "Friedrich Victorious"

This reliable shoulder protection is created to cover the shoulders from all sides and provide the maximum level of mobility. The armor consists of several segments that cover each other and replicate the shoulder’s shape, so they can withstand the s..

Shoulders of Konrad IV von Kirchberg

These classic shoulders consist of four segments that protect your shoulder and part of biceps from heavy strikes. The plates are riveted together with the three leather straps, which provide excellent mobility during the battles. The shoulder pad ca..

Simple Milan Shoulders

This shoulder protection is a stylization of the Italian models of the XV century. We created it to make your reenactments both safe and authentic. These spaulders reliably cover shoulders and biceps without limiting movement in combat. There are als..

Simple vambraces from Milan

These vambraces with moving bracer are perfectly suitable to protect your forearms and elbows. The leather straps fixate the vambraces to your gambeson. Additional plates provide enhanced protection and articulation of elbows. The vambraces are both ..

Splinted-brigg arms with Elbows

These splinted-brigg arms are crafted with the use of long plates that are adjusted to the base with wool on the top. Thanks to this convenient construction, you get both great mobility and protection. This protection is comfortable to wear and cover..

Arms Sir Hugh Calveley

This reliable arm protection is made of superior quality hardened steel and decorated with a brass plate with gems. The armor includes pauldrons, elbow cops and vambraces. Durable full plate arm protection doesn’t have any gaps, keeps you safe during..

Bracer of Sakhnovki

Thanks to the anatomical shape of the bracers, they fit the arm perfectly and can be fixed with two soft straps. They completely cover your forearm and partially give extra protection to the elbow. The bracers are painted from the inside in orde..

Elbow of Sir Miles Stapleton

Thanks to the convenient design of these elbows, the levels of both protection and mobility are high. The rondels are decorated with brass overlays. It’s practical and light protection for your elbows that can be adjusted with the leather straps. Thi..

European shoulders

If you want to get reliable protection for the buhurts, European shoulders are perfectly suitable for your needs. These shoulders have solid tempered steel cups that completely cover the joints. We made it bigger to minimize the gap between the shoul..

European shoulders with festoon

The shoulders provide a great level of protection thanks to the solid steel cups that completely cover the joint. Shoulders are decorated with black leather. This protection is stylish, light and practical. The shoulders are made of 1.2 mm tempe..

European shoulders XV century

These European shoulders are made of tempered steel, the plates are riveted together with six leather straps, which provides the fighter with superior mobility. The shoulders can easily adjust to the movements of your arms. They are painted black fro..

Heavy plate shoulders - buhurt optimised

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the XIV century with our top-quality plate shoulders! This piece of armor is made of tempered steel. It covers shoulders and biceps, providing no gaps between them, so you can stay focused in combat and perform b..

Plate arms from Count John Arundel

This full plate arm protection covers the hand from the wrist to the middle of the biceps. A large petal on the elbow protects the inner layer of the arm from accidental blows. Such type of arm protection is comfortable to use and you won’t have any ..

Plate arms Miles Stapleton Dark

This reliable and practical piece of armor has been tested by time and lots of experienced warriors. Tempered steel protection covers your biceps, elbows and shoulders from all sides without gaps and provides a great level of security. The convenient..

Plate Elbows

The optimal shape and wide petals of these plate elbows secure your arms without restricting movement and let you withstand even the strongest blows. Big plates repeat the shape of your elbows and let you stay flexible. Elbow cops are equipped with l..

Plate petals

These simple and reliable petals are slightly curved to repeat the shape of the shoulders. Their optimal weight and convenient design let you move freely during the combats. This model is perfect to wear with the brigandines. Whether you are a beginn..

Plate shoulders from "Abraham van Loon" headstone

This practical and reliable piece of armor is perfect to protect your shoulders and biceps during harsh battles. This model gives you both good protection and mobility in combat. Thanks to the optimal design, the protection covers your biceps and sho..

Plate shoulders from "Sforza triptych"

These stylish and well-protective shoulder pads consist of six tempered steel plates riveted on the soft leather belts. The central edge provides great rigidity while the rolling bottom plates make the protection more flexible. These shoulders are ar..

Plate shoulders from Orlando's Pillar

If you require a durable and lightweight piece of armor to cover your shoulders and biceps from the hardest strikes of your opponents, we have just the perfect option for you! Tempered spring steel plate shoulders from Orlando’s Pillar are designed a..

Plate shoulders of Sir Miles Stapleton long

These tempered steel plate shoulders consist of five plates riveted on leather belts, so you can fasten your armor easily. The shoulders have rollings on the top and bottom plates. The shoulders and biceps are reliably protected with segmented spauld..

Plate bracer with elbow of Sir Miles Stapleton

This plate bracer is adjusted with a leather strap to the elbow pad. Thanks to its anatomical form, it fits the arm perfectly and doesn’t restrict your movement during the battle. Due to the optimal design, all gaps in the armor are eliminated a..
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