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Italian Cuirass

This Italian cuirass provides you with excellent circular protection. Tempered steel plates cover your chest and back. The lames are connected to the skirt by leather bands that let you move, run and kick freely. The high-quality cuirass makes you in..
$1 595.00

Cuirass from Orlando's Pillar

This reliable cuirass made of 1.2 mm tempered steel provides great circular protection so you can stay invincible in combat. We designed it according to the historical example from Europe of the XV century to make your reenactments historically accur..
$2 050.00

Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious

This reliable cuirass consists of a breastplate and backplate adjusted with a leather belt and buckles. This durable armor ensures a high level of mobility. A plackart is fastened to the front and backplates. Segmented skirt (faulds) is made of horiz..
$1 735.00

Bascinet wolf ribs visor type 2

The Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor type 2 is a well-proven model with a convenient visor and excellent ventilation system. That is why this model is quite popular among athletes. The additional non-removable visor is attached to the bottom plate of the..

Cuirass XVI century with gorget and shoulders

This cuirass inspired by the XVI century armor ensures you get an excellent level of protection, covering your chest, back, neck, collarbone, and shoulders. A durable segmented skirt is perfect to protect your thighs from powerful blows. Thanks to th..
$2 350.00

Cuisses with shin guards

Authentic cuisses with shin guards are created from 1 mm tempered steel. This reliable and light material provides a high level of mobility in combat. The armor is equipped with soft leather straps so you can easily adjust the cuisses to your gambeso..

English Salet

The English sallet is optimized for using in buhurts. The helmet provides excellent security, sufficient visibility and ventilation. The curved shape of the bottom plates protects your throat and the back of your head, which is perfect for plate ..
$1 130.00

Hourglass mittens

High-quality arm protection is a must-have for every true fighter. Hourglass mittens of European armor of the XIV century will provide you with top-notch wrist protection. The mittens are made of tempered spring steel and their lighter weight (2.5 kg..

Hourglass Mittens Brass style

These hourglass mittens were created to make your medieval battles secure, comfortable and authentic. This luxury armor is a reconstruction of the XIV century European mittens, improved by the enhanced wrist and thumb protection. Hourglass mittens ma..

Italian sallet

This sallet is made based on the Northern Italian pattern, which is stored in the Wallace Collection. It provides excellent protection, good visibility and ventilation. Thanks to the back plate's curved shape, it sits nicely on the head, which i..

Kettle Hat

The Kettle Hat is a popular model that is used in buhurt fighting. This helmet has hidden face protection. With such excellent visibility and safety, fighters often wear it in polearm battles, where they keep the enemy at a distance and avoid clo..

Mittens from Nuremberg for one and half sword fencing

Hands protection is one of the top priorities during training sessions and medieval fencing. These lightweight tempered spring steel mittens (1.8 kg) from the XV century Nuremberg are suitable for one and a half sword fencing and provide a top-notch ..

Plate buhurt optimal shoulders

This durable protection is created to cover the shoulders with no gaps and provide the fighter with a great level of mobility. This model includes several segments that replicate the shape of the shoulder. Using this protection, you can withstan..

Plate mittens from Nuremberg type 1 (buhurt optimized)

Secure your sparring sessions with the plate mittens from Nuremberg of the beginning of the XV century. These comfy plate mittens allow you to hold your weapon tight, keep your palms and fingers secure and provide a high level of mobility during the ..

Sugarloaf helmet type 3

Sugarloaf helmet type 3  is a modification of a sugarloaf helmet with a steel cross on the visor. Its main feature is that the dome and the visor have more curved lines, which makes the helmet more anatomical. The Sugarloaf helmet was worn by me..

Visby gauntlets Type 1 leather

These leather Visby gauntlets are perfect for historical fencing. The gauntlets are comfortable to use, reliable and durable because of the top-notch natural materials we use for armor production. Hand-sewn details and lightweight (from 0.9 to 1.4 kg..

Wimbledon brigandine

This buhurt optimized body protection is a great option for medieval combat. Such armor was popular among the knights from Western Europe in the XV century. This model is light, comfortable to wear and provides a high level of protection and flexibil..

Plate legs protection from tombstones brass style

If you require the highest level of protection for your legs, this piece of armor is a perfect option for you. The legs are reliably covered from all sides and the knees are articulated so you can stay both mobile and protected during the reenactment..
$1 800.00

Armor kit of Melchizedek

$3 290.00

Articulated “Christ’s Army” dark

These top-notch gauntlets will reliably protect your palms, wrists and knuckles during harsh combat. Their optimal weight and design won’t limit your movement and ensure a tight grasp of the weapons. We blackened the gauntlets to achieve this be..

Bascinet Hundsgugel Visor

Every noble knight requires solid head protection to stay safe and sound on the battlefield. Our bacinet will cover your head and neck, providing a greater viewing angle and excellent ventilation. The basic model doesn’t include the chain mail, but i..

Bascinet with a visor Hounskull and brass decoration

It’s one of the most extravagant and eye-catching helmets. Its Hounskull visor provides good ventilation in comparison with other military devices. Also, this helmet has eye slits located near the face front that protects eyes from outside influe..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor

Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor is one of the famous and reliable models with a convenient visor, which is different from the wolf ribs visor type 2 by its more aggressive shape. This helmet provides perfect ventilation and visibility.  Bascinet..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor dark

Bascinet was extremely popular head protection among the European knights in the XIV century. This new model provides great visibility and ventilation during combat. There’s also an optional wool collar for additional protection of your throat. The h..

Brigandine-splint leg protection white color

Brigandine-splint leg protection was a common armor among the knights in the XIV-XV centuries. Thanks to its durability and optimal weight, this piece of armor protects you from heavy blows and doesn’t limit your movement. There are also metal plates..

Brigg mittens

Brigg mittens made of natural leather, custom-made by our seasoned craftsmen using high-quality materials will make your battle experience secure and memorable. Brigg mittens consist of hidden steel plates that are implanted under a soft leather lini..

Brigg mittens with wrist protection

These leather Brigg mittens with additional wrist protection are custom-made for your safety during the sparring sessions. The durable wrist part perfectly protects and covers hands allowing you to move freely and hold a weapon tightly. Black, red an..

Burgonet of Sir John Smythe

The light closed armet is called Burgonet, also known as a Burgundian sallet, was a Renaissance combat helmet originally made by Greenwich. Ornamented with brass rivets and buckles decoration with padded velvet liner inside, the burgonet helmet is ch..
$6 600.00

Burlet for Helmet Type 1

Do you want to customize your helmet and make your reenactments vivid and memorable? This eye-catching burlet looks perfect with almost any armor set. You can also use it to protect your helmet from UV rays and reduce the force of impact. Whether you..

Burlet for Helmet Type 2

Equip your helmet with this amazing burlet and get ready for your glorious battles! It’s not just a pretty accessory but also a fantastic tool to cover your helmet from UV rays that can corrode steel. The burlet won’t limit your visibility, so you ca..

Burlet for Helmet Type 3

Do you want to look terrific on the battlefield? Then, our burlet for a helmet is just what you need to decorate your armor kit with a colorful accent. With such a fantastic combination of black, yellow, and white, you will look stylish and elegant. ..

Chainmail gorget


Chalkis Brigandine Type 2

This medieval brigandine is one of the favorite models among the reenactors of the XIV-XV centuries because it perfectly combines comfort with safety. It’s easy and comfortable to wear thanks to the leather belts with st..

Cotte d'arme #3

Inspired by the authentic medieval garments, we used our top-quality material to create this breathable and comfortable tunic for your successful reenactments. This short-sleeved tunic won’t limit your movement on the battlefield. If you are loo..
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