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Bascinet with cross

Bascinet with cross is simple and comfortable. It weights between 3.5 and 4kg without the aventail, which is 2 kg. Bascinet with cross has top-notch quality, durability and safety because it is made of tempered steel 30HGSA. Helmet has two chin ..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor type 2

The Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor type 2 is a well-proven model with a convenient visor and excellent ventilation system. That is why this model is quite popular among athletes. The additional non-removable visor is attached to the bottom plate of the..

Nasal Bascinet

    Nasal Bascinet is simple and comfortable. It has a nosepiece, which is perfect for buhurt fights. Also, the bascinet has an extended non-removable nose pad. There is an additional face protection behind the nose piece that is hidden by ..

Bascinet from Nuremberg type 2

 Bascinet from Nuremberg is a simple model with a comfortable visor. It was a popular helm in the 14th century in Europe.       This helmet weighs between 3.5 and 4 kg. With chainmail aventail + 2 kg. &nbs..

Bascinet Hundsgugel Visor

Every noble knight requires solid head protection to stay safe and sound on the battlefield. Our bacinet will cover your head and neck, providing a greater viewing angle and excellent ventilation. This bascinet is a must-have for those who want to st..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor

   Bascinet Wolf Ribs Visor is one of the famous and reliable models with a convenient visor. This helmet provides the best ventilation and visibility between other hemtets type bascinet.     Bascinet Wolf Ribs Viso..

Great helm of Richard Pembridge

         The Great Helm of Richard Pembridge is one of the representations of the classic Tophelms. It has a large number of holes; this way, it ensures good ventilation for a fighter during the battle. This helmet has a conv..

Sugarloaf helmet

 It’s a very protective and comfortable helmet. Its opening visor makes it more comfortable than a Tophelm. A Sugarloaf Helmet provides good neck protection. Nearly 1220-1350, it became the frog-mouth helm. Its weight is 4-4.5 kg. Sugarloa..

Sugarloaf helmet type 2

   Sugarloaf helmet type 2 existed at the beginning of the XIVth century. Its main difference from the classical tophelm is a conical-dome sphere Sometimes this type of the helmet was compared with bascinets. Its weight with invisible ..

Bascinet Spoleto

     Bascinet Spoleto has a movable visor, and it originates from Italy. Its visors have good visibility and ventilation, which allows you to breathe freely Altogether, it makes the bascinet Spoleto an ideal medieval sport combat for y..

Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull

This Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull appears to be one of the most extravagant and eye-catching helmets. The mentioned helmet originates from the 14th century. Its Hounscull Visor provides good ventilation in comparison with other closed helmets...

Sugarloaf helmet type 3

Sugarloaf helmet type 3 is a modification of a sugarloaf helmet with a steel cross on the visor. Its main feature is that the dome and the visor have more curved lines, which makes the helmet more anatomical. The Sugarloaf helmet was worn by medi..

Helmet west Iran visor

The buhurt version of the West Iran helmet from the 15th century sounds like a fascinating piece of armor. Combining the helmet with a chainmail aventail provides additional hidden protection. The most notable feature you mentioned is the invisible g..

Bascinet wolf ribs visor dark

Bascinet was extremely popular head protection among the European knights in the XIV century. This new model provides great visibility and ventilation during combat. The main difference is blacking of helmet. The helmet weighs is 3.5-4 k..

Kusnacht Brigandine Type 1

This brigandine is a durable piece of armor that consists of tempered steel plates adjusted to a cloth base. The combined weight of this brigandine is 6.7 kg. Thanks to its high protective qualities and good mobility, this brigandine is a great choic..

Visby Brigandine Type 1

This model has a solid reputation among the experienced fighters since it has been tested by time and battles. It is suitable for both duels and buhurts. “Visby” is light, has a good level of protection and mobility. The perfect choice for beginners ..

Wimbledon brigandine

This buhurt optimized body protection is a great option for medieval combat. Such armor was popular among the knights from Western Europe in the XV century. This model is light, comfortable to wear and provides a high level of protection and flexibil..

Wimbledon brigandine bicolor

Buhurt optimized Wimbledon brigandine is now available in the stylish combination of black and green. This model is a perfect match for medieval combat thanks to its optimal weight (7 kg) and convenient design. Tempered spring steel plates are r..

"Immortal Knight" armour kit

“Immortal Knight” armor kit is a perfect choice for everyone who prefers authentic historical reenactments and knight tournaments. This armor kit is comfortable to wear and it doesn't restrain your movement providing you with a great level of flexibi..
$2 515.00

Arms of Melchizedek

This piece of armor is a perfect match for both experienced fighters and novices. Thanks to its optimal design, this protection doesn’t limit your movements. It covers your biceps and elbows from all sides. Arms of Melchizedek are comfortable and pro..

Bascinet from Nuremberg

     Bascinet from Nuremberg is a simple model with a comfortable visor. It was a popular helm in the 14th century in Europe.       This helmet weighs between 3.5 and 4 kg. With chainmail aventail + 2 kg. ..

Bascinet from Sitten

Bascinet from Sitten is a high-quality helmet that will protect you in the most fierce knight battle. It belongs to the medieval European armor, which became popular in the late XIV – early XV centuries. Actually, it was worn by German knights at..

Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull and Steel Gorget

Bascinet with a Visor Hounskull and steel gorget is one of the optimal buhurt variations of the renowned helmet. This model has a less elongated Visor and excellent ventilation. The holes are located near the eye sockets that allow knights to see th..

Chalkis Brigandine Type 1

Brigandine was a typical armor for the knights of the XIII-XIV centuries. This piece of armor was usually covered with velvet and was attached to the rivets of decorative form. The main features of Сhalkis Brigandine Type 1 are: the clasp o..

Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious

This reliable cuirass consists of a breastplate and backplate adjusted with a leather belt and buckles. This durable armor ensures a high level of mobility. A plackart is fastened to the front and backplates. Segmented skirt (faulds) is made of horiz..
$1 735.00

Cuirass XVI century with gorget and shoulders

This cuirass inspired by the XVI century armor ensures you get an excellent level of protection, covering your chest, back, neck, collarbone, and shoulders. A durable segmented skirt is perfect to protect your thighs from powerful blows. Thanks to th..
$2 350.00

Cuisses with shin guards

Authentic cuisses with shin guards are created from 1,2 mm tempered steel. This reliable and light material provides a high level of mobility in combat. The armor is equipped with soft leather straps so you can easily adjust the cuisses to your gambe..

Hourglass mittens

High-quality arm protection is a must-have for every true fighter. Hourglass mittens of European armor of the XIV century will provide you with top-notch wrist protection. The mittens are made of tempered spring steel and their lighter weight (2.5 kg..

Italian Cuirass

This Italian cuirass provides you with excellent circular protection. Tempered steel plates cover your chest and back. The lames are connected to the skirt by leather bands that let you move, run and kick freely. The high-quality cuirass makes you in..
$1 595.00

Italian plate arms XVth century

We created these Italian plate arms based on the historical piece from the XV century to ensure you get the highest level of comfort and safety in combat. This durable piece of armor includes vambraces, well-articulated elbow cops, and rerebraces. Pl..

Kettle Hat

 The Kettle Hat is a popular model that is used in buhurt fighting. This helmet has hidden face protection. With such excellent visibility and safety, fighters often wear it in polearm battles, where they keep the enemy at a distance and avoid c..

Milan Ironclad

Travel to the XV century Italy with our knight’s armor set “Milan Ironclad”. This armor kit was handcrafted by using medieval samples to provide you with the highest level of authenticity during the battles. The armor is made of natural and usable ma..
$4 830.00

Mittens from Nuremberg for one and half sword fencing

Hands protection is one of the top priorities during training sessions and medieval fencing. These lightweight tempered spring steel mittens (1.8 kg) from the XV century Nuremberg are suitable for one and a half sword fencing and provide a top-notch ..

Optimum armour kit

Whether you are a newbie to HMB or an experienced warrior, this armor kit will protect you even during the toughest battles and won’t restrain your movement so you can make your reenactments safe and memorable. This armor kit is light and durable so ..
$1 999.00

Pig face helmet

    The Pig face bascinet will be convenient for those fighters who like close-range combat. Thanks to the additional bottom plate, which rests on the visor, this helmet can resist huge blows from shields and heavy weapons. Its visor has ma..

Plate arms from "Abraham van Loon" headstone

This arm protection is practical and reliable, it’s comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. The armor includes:shoulder pads with extra biceps protectionsimple elbow pads with a petal for enhanced protectionbraces with lengthening for overlapping t..

Plate arms from Milan

Protect your hands with plate arms from Milan made of 1.2 mm hardened steel and equipped with leather straps. The parts of these plate arms are connected by rivets and leather straps to fasten the arm protection. The reputation of this model has alre..

Plate bracer with elbow

Such type of bracer equipped with elbow caps was a typical armor for medieval knights of the XIV century. The bracer is attached with a leather band to a semicircular elbow pad with a petal. It is fastened around the hand by a leather strap and, due ..

Plate buhurt optimal shoulders

This durable protection is created to cover the shoulders with no gaps and provide the fighter with a great level of mobility. This model includes several segments that replicate the shape of the shoulder. Using this protection, you can withstan..

Plate mittens from Nuremberg type 1 (buhurt optimized)

Secure your sparring sessions with the plate mittens from Nuremberg of the beginning of the XV century. These comfy plate mittens allow you to hold your weapon tight, keep your palms and fingers secure and provide a high level of mobility during the ..

Segment arms from the altar of St. Jacob

It is a durable tempered steel protection for your hands that provides a great level of security, has an optimal weight to allow you to move without limitations and can be used in duels.Steel arms consist of:steel bracersteel elbowshoulder protection..

Segmented European shoulder XV century


Shadow Warrior

This armor kit combines an upscale design with a great level of protection. We created the “Shadow Warrior” kit according to the original historical examples of armor to make your reenactments safe and authentic. Concentrate on your glorious battles ..
$3 345.00

Shoulder protection from Milan

This tempered steel shoulder protection from Milan of the XV century is handcrafted for your safe and authentic reenactments. The articulated system of the shoulder plates enables a great level of mobility and doesn’t limit your movement during the h..

Splinted-brigg arms red color

Bracers and biceps of this protection include long plates that are riveted to the red cloth base on top. Thanks to this convenient construction, the protection provides both high level of mobility and safety.  Splinted-brigg arms fit th..

Tournament Armor Kit

This top-notch tournament armor kit from the XIV century will help you become a true winner. High-quality armor handcrafted by our seasoned craftsmen is completely suitable for buhurts and competition. We can craft custom armor on your request based ..
$2 540.00

Tournament Armor kit #3

Safety is a top priority for a true warrior and we are ready to protect you during the tough battles with our Tournament armor kit #3. It was designed and handcrafted by the team of our craftsmen to let you feel secure and mobile. This armor kit will..
$2 980.00

Visby gauntlets Type 1 leather

These leather Visby gauntlets are perfect for historical fencing. The gauntlets are comfortable to use, reliable and durable because of the top-notch natural materials we use for armor production. Hand-sewn details and lightweight (from 0.9 to 1.4 kg..

Warrior from Leeds

Warrior from Leeds is a stylish and reliable kit for authentic and safe battles. The kit includes: 1. Plate ArmsSolid protection to cover your arms and biceps in combat and let you move freely so that nothing can restrict your moves. The sophist..
$4 300.00

Armor kit of Melchizedek

Reveal your daring spirit with this top-quality armor kit popular among the European knights in the 14th century! This armor kit is perfectly suitable for buhurt fighting and championships. Our seasoned craftsmen are ready to produce custom-made armo..
$3 290.00
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