Hand-Crafted Armor for HMB (historical medieval battle)

About our armor shop

Age of Craft produces top-notch handcrafted armor for authentic and safe historical medieval battles. We started our company by making armor for a few people who were interested in the Middle Ages and reenactments. They wanted to replicate the adventures of brave knights and participate in medieval battles to challenge their prowess.

Today, Age of Craft is a self-sufficient team of professionals specialized in producing quality armor, weapons and padded clothing. Our business evolved from a simple hobby into an established company with customers around the globe. 

To meet the needs of our clients, we follow all the latest trends and safety requirements to replicate authenticity in all items we produce. With the armor tailored to your needs, you are doomed to triumph.

Get ready! Your victory is a heartbeat away!



Our advanced craftsmen are well experienced in blacksmithing and medieval armor production. All items in our store are handcrafted and created following the best traditions of HMB, IMCF and SCA. In our production, we adhere to the safety and authenticity requirements of the HMB World Championship "Battle of the Nations". It means you can use our armor during championships and training sessions.

We combine modern and authentic technologies to let our customers turn into true warriors while maintaining the highest safety standards.

In our store, you can find top-notch armor and weapons from various countries and centuries. During manufacturing, we use high-quality materials, such as tempered steel, hardened steel, titanium, wood and robust leather. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your armor is reliable and perfectly suitable for HMB tournaments.


  • Convenient website 

    From browsing a catalog and placing an order to checkout and receiving your goods — every step is crystal clear and intuitive for our customers. 

  • Responsive and friendly support team

    Need help to choose armor from a certain period or region? Not sure how to take body measurements? Our support team is always here to resolve all your concerns ASAP via [email protected]

  • Crash tests

    Worrying about the reliability and durability of your armor or weapons?  Our team will provide you with crash tests to dispel all your doubts. Rely on Age of Craft and enjoy the maximum level of protection in combat!

  • Custom-made armor

    If you’re looking for something unique or didn’t find the right match in our catalog, our craftsmen are always ready to create custom-made armor tailored to your needs. Whether you require a unique design, a team logo or an armor kit in your favorite color — our talented craftsmen will produce it for you!

  • Secure payment system

    Transparency has always been among our core priorities. To eliminate all your concerns related to shipping and order processing, we created a convenient and secure payment process — you pay 40% before the start of the manufacturing process and 60% after your approval of the products (we will send you photos and videos of crash test results). 

  • Convenient return and refund policy 

    You can return or exchange the goods within 14 days after the receipt. Feel free to read our Return & Exchanges policy.

  • Satisfied customers

    With numerous positive responses from experienced fighters who’ve been with us for a long time, you can be sure to get premium-quality products.