Official partner of "Battle of the Nations" |

Official partner of "Battle of the Nations"

“Age of Craft” and "Battle of the Nations" are partners since 2010.

   In 2010, when the first "Battle of the Nations" was held according to the first edition of unified rules, armor went through a strict admission process, as it does now. Anyway, there was a disagreement among reenactors concerning what armor could be considered reliable and quite historical, and it took time to neutralize it. But fighters who wanted to take part in "Battle of the Nations" did not have time. Not everyone could take the way of trial and error. Now the situation is the same.

   The “Age of Craft” workshop has become a partner of "Battle of the Nations" in 2010 and started producing armor that fully complied with the unified international rules and safety requirements to give fighters an opportunity to order necessary armor and weapons. Those who addressed the “Age of Craft” did not need to worry whether everything was made well enough for armor to get event admission, instead they needed to think only about right measurements.

   Reenactors love Historical Medieval Battle (HMB) so much that they are ready to overcome many difficulties. They constantly train and strive to win, no matter what, while the staff of the “Age of Craft” seestheir mission in making equipment suitable for fighting. Roughness and speed of HMB are a constant challenge to their skill.

   The rules of fighters admission to the lists have slightly changed since 2010, but the company “Age of Craft” cooperated with the organizers of "Battle of the Nations", thus ensuring its products complied with the World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle. Whatever the rules and traditions could be in a fighter’s country, coming to the Championship he was able to get the right kit, i.e. reliable and historical, via the “Age of Craft”.

   Now, after the four World Championships the gap in those ideas has been almost eliminated, but the new teams join the Championship again and again, rearm themselves and adopt the experience of the "elders".

   Naturally, it is not easy for them to make armor or find craftsmen ready to produce the appropriate armor and weapons. The “Age of Craft” quickly deals with the issue, quickly responding to the needs of fighters and the slightest changes in the rules.

   Historical medieval battle as a sport has a long and difficult way to overcome, but the “Age of Craft” can make it shorter. The “Age of Craft” company awaits anyone who plans to enter the international lists and ensures the quality of all its products, care about every customer and high historicity of every kit, every item.