• Leg padding (chausses)

Leg padding (chausses)

  • $95.00

Weight 1.00 kg

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We are ready to present you comfortable and practical clothing for more convenient wearing the main iron armor. It can be used as a basic clothes for energy absorption in the event of collision. We manufacture Leg padding in accordance with applicable standards and in order to fit individual customer demands.

These Leg padding are done some sewing for bright personalities and reflect enchanting characters of our clients!

Please get your own measurements before ordering a Leg padding. If you are not sure about the measurements,  or have any questions,  please, contact us.

Leg padding (chausses)

Panzerchausses (panzerhose) are quilted pants, sewn at the waist. They consist of two layers of linen, stitched in vertical stripes, which are stuffed with tow, horse hair or wool. They were used as an independent protection for legs, but there’s an assumption they could be used as shock absorbers for plate armor for legs.

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