• Body padding (gambeson)

Body padding (gambeson)

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In the middle ages the gambeson was the most popular armor among the warriors. Nowadays this item give you a great opportunity to look in accordance with the fashion trends of the late XIV-XV centuries.

Also you can enjoy a high-quality and protective property of the natural materials embodied in the gambeson. The armor will be suitable for the  reenactment of European armor of 14-15th century.

Through peace-minded quality it should keep it`s attractive appearance for years.

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Body padding (gambeson)

This type of clothing is often combined with a full (or partial) plate armor. Usually it is a quilted jacket made of several layers of fabric (linen or canvas), or 2 layers of cloth with quilted lining of soft fabric, cotton, wool or cotton wool. Sometimes, the top layer is made of silk or other expensive material. The colors of gambesons could vary, but the most popular colors were red, brown, white (not bleached), green and blue. Sometimes, the top layer was made of silk or other expensive fabrics. Underarmor padding was worn over undershirt (chemise).

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