Plate greaves from Orlando's Pillar

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Region Europe
Age XV th century
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Plate greaves from Orlando's Pillar

The knight carved in the column is Orlando. According legend in the 9th century Orlando and his fleet saved Dubrovnik from a 15 month long Saracen siege. To express their gratitude the grateful citizens erected this beautiful column in Orlando's honour. However we know that this legend is not true but the story for the masses to explain the erection of the knight-column.
The truth is that Orlando, or Roland how he is called throughout Europe, was used as a symbol of a city under protection of the Hungarian-Croatian King. At the time it was common for the distant cities of the Hanseatic League to erect similar stone statues symbolizing the alliance and protection with the Hungarian-Croatian kingdom.
Orlando's Pillar is the work of the local sculptor Antun Dubrovčanin and master sculptor Bonino di Milano from 1418.

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