Plate greaves

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Region Europe
Age XIV-XV th century
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Plate greaves

Greaves were one of popular shin protection in XIV-XVth centures, usual they used with chainmail stocking for a more reliable legs protection.
Alot of sources we can find nowadays:
- stained-glass window in musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis dated 1350, Brussel, Belgium 
- fresco  'soldiers at the Holy Sepulchre' 1340-1350, Münster, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
- gravestone  'Anselmus Adornes and Margareta vander Banck' - 1484, Brugge, Jeruzalemkerk, Brugge, province of West Flanders, Belgium
- 'Saint George (Sv. Jiří)' (Jiří and Martin z Kluže) - 1373, copy,  Pražský hrad, Praha, Czech Republic
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