Topfhelm from Dargen

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Weight 2.50 kg

Region Europe
Age XIII th century
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Topfhelm from Dargen

Great helm of middle-second half of the XIIIth century was a cylindrical cavalry helmet with reinforced cross-shaped laid-on front part. It completely covered its owner’s head, leaving only narrows slit for looking and small hole in the front for breathing. Perhaps, some helmets narrowed downward. The helm almost did not covered the neck (front only), and in general it was quite comfortable for the cavalry, although it markedly reduced visibility, that’s why it was not used by infantry. The helmet was worn over a chain-mail hood, under which there was a special cap comforter having a felt bolster around the head, its aim was to reduce the risk of being stunned in case of stroke delivered at the helmet. One of the reasons this type of helmets became popular were tournaments where such helmet was the only way to ensure head protection. Cross-shaped facial plate was obviously forged from steel, but could be gilded to make it nice-looking.

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