Sugarloaf helmet

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Weight 5.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Sugarloaf helmet

Sugarloaf Helmet - later version Topfhelm helmet.

In form similar to its predecessor, but differs in a sharp tip. "Sugar Loaf" was used extensively in the first half of the fourteenth century.

The name of the "Sugar Loaf" received from the American reenactors at the end of the XX century.

For the first time the term was used to determine the specific type of helmet depicted in bas-relief of Florence, dating back to 1320-1325 years.

Metal parts that can be attributed to the Sugarloaf helm dug throughout Western Europe, but a helmet and was not found.

Therefore, this helmet is known to pictorial sources.

Controversial is also a matter of having taken away and aventail in this type of helmet. Sugarloaf helm, probably used in conjunction with chain mail, the first Brigantine.

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