Nikolskoye helmet

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Weight 3.00 kg

Region Russ
Age XIII th century
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Nikolskoye helmet

Nikolskoe Helmet, type IV according to the typology of A.N.Kirpichnikov. Steppe and Russian principalities, late XII - XIIIth centuries. The helmet was found in 1866 near the village of Nikolskoye, Oryol Oblast. Helmet’s crown consists of three parts. For more reliability the cupola got lengthwise grooves. The front part has a half-mask with holes for eyes and a pointed hooked nose guard. The edges of the half-mask and nose guard have small holes for aventail, that covered the neck and the lower part of the face, fastening. Nikolskoe Helmet is fully gilded, it is stored in the Hermitage, the Department of the East.

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