Nasal Bascinet

  • $545.00

Weight 5.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Qualitative helmet is a very important part of the armour. It must be durable and able to stand any impact.  Nasal Bascinet is a type of  helmet  which was used up to the late Middle Ages.  The thickness of the steel dome of this helmet is 2mm. Its combined weight is no less than 5 kg.

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Nasal Bascinet

Nosal Bascinet was most common in Germany and Italy during the 1340's to the 1370s. Nose plate attached to the bottom chainmail aventail. 

Such helmets at the end of XIII - beginning of XIV century were put under Topfhelm before collision of spear.

After the spears were used, heavy Topfhelm threw off and  soldiers fought on only with bascinets. On some sculptures and gravestones of the time you can see a big helmet hanging behind him on a chain, while the head remains veiled bascinets. Usually all helmets of this type were fitted attached thereto chain mail aventail

Pros bascinet with nanosnikom

1. It is convenient to breathe

2. It a good overview of the battlefield

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