Helmet from Kiev

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Weight 2.50 kg

Region Russ
Age XIII th century
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Helmet from Kiev

Type IV according to the typology by A.N.Kirpichnikov. 13th century. It was found in the Detinets of the ancient Kyiv in 1833 on the ruins of the church of St. Irene. It is dated back to the Mongol invasion to Kiev in 1240. The helmet went thtough all the vicissitudes of the Russian weaponology development. It was called a Norman, German, Scandinavian, Polyansky helm, but was never rightly copied. The three-segment crown of the helmet has a long, narrow nose guard with eye fillets, which partially preserved silver decorations. No traces of the lower around-the-eye fillets survived to our days. Helmet’s top has a small rod. Main dimensions and details of the helmet match those of the Nikolskoye helmet.

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