Gorodets Type 1

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Region Russ
Age XIII th century
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Gorodets Type 1

According to the typology by A. Kirpichnikov it refers to the type № 4, a special type of Eastern European and, in particular, Rus helmets since the middle of the XIIth and up to XIIIth, or, perhaps, XIVth century. A helmet with a half-mask and a fragment of chain-mail weaving (aventail) were found in Gorodets by Moshkin B.A. in 1985. The helmet is a cap with a small half-mask riveted to it, consisting of around-the-eye fillets and remains of a beak-shaped nose guard. The lower part of the half-mask has holes for fastening the facial part of the aventail. The top of the helmet resembles the tip of an incendiary arrow: the rod has four cross-shaped positioned ears which were used to hold a plume made of horse hair and a ring with two cloth or leather ribbons attached to it. The helmet found in Gorodets is decorated, supposedly, with Arabic inscriptions and patterns that may be indicative of its Iranian origin. However, because of the poor preservation, the interpretation of helmet ornaments is ambiguous and there is also a view that the inscription on the helmet is not an Arab, but old Russian.

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