Armet with Wrapper

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Region Europe
Age XV th century
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Armet with Wrapper

Armet with Wrapper, ca. 1460–70 (armet), 1450 (wrapper) Italian

Ex. coll.: Marchesa di Salvo di Ferrara, Palermo

Rogers Fund, 1920 (20.150.1)


The armet was the typical headpiece of the Italian mounted knight in the fifteenth century. Completely enveloping the head, it was constructed of a bowl with separate brow reinforce, close-fitting cheekpieces hinged at the sides and closing at the chin, and a pivoting visor. The armet usually was worn with a secondary face defense, or wrapper, which covered the lower face and neck and prevented the visor from being struck open. The wrapper strapped around the armet and buckled at the back; the rondel projecting from the base of the bowl protected the straps and the closing of the cheekpieces at the back.

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