Visby gauntlets Type 3

  • $235.00

Weight 2.00 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Visby gauntlets  Type 3 can be used nowadays for historical fencing. Made of natural and usable materials, they are pleasant in use, practical and durable, all the pieces are hand-sewn. Hidden steel plates are tightly situated under a supple leather lining. Its combined weight is  from 0.9 to 1.4 kg.

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Visby gauntlets Type 3

Brigandine gloves from Visby, type 3. 1361. The glove for the left hand, judging by the number of parts, implies it is without the cuff. Probably, it was lost, but more likely that it did not exist at all. The main difference of this glove is that the large plates ( covering wrist, base of the thumb, thumb and finger joints) were mounted on a flexible basis, while the small ones were under it.

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