Gauntlets from Ripon Сathedral

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Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Gauntlets from Ripon Сathedral

A pair of gauntlets presented to the Association of Antiquaries on November 26, 1941 on the kind permission of the Archdeacon of Richmond, comes from the funeral gifts of Sir Edward Blackett buried in the north transept of Ripon Cathedral. In the fourteenth century, mail armor was gradually replaced by plate armor, and the plate gloves of the XIVth century occupy an important place in the development of protective arms. The plate glove which replaced the chain mail glove, first consisted of many small plates attached to fabric or leather basis. Such gloves can be seen in several English paintings of the second quarter of the fourteenth century, and documentary evidences support their use during that period. In the middle of the XIVcentury a new type of gloves developed, it was in use until the first quarter of the next century and that type of gloves was called “sand-glass gauntlets” by Sir Guy Laking. Such love consisted of a single metal plate, covering the wrist, often not closed at the inner side, and covering the entire back side of the hand reaching the knuckles. Cuff of the glove was broad not to hamper the movements of the wrist. The plates that protected fingers were attached to a leather basis, so they are missed on the most specimens survived to our days.

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