Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious

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Region Europe
Age XV th century
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Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious

Cuirass of Armor Friedrich Victorious, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, and was made in the workshop of Tommaso Misl in 1450. This classic Milanese armourers style alla tedesca (in the German style), performed with preservation of normal for Lombardy technological and stylistic devices with changes in the structure and geometry of the armor respectively with fashion beyond the Alps.


Set of armor stored in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.


Breastplate structurally consists of plastron (bib) and Plackart (abdominal band) with the hem. Both elements are connected with their back wraps often through loops on the left side (including hem) and belts with buckles on the right. Between them, they are connected by a belt fixing portion at the top center. Hem plate connected to each other on the side hinges and straps riveted to the wrong side. Hem is suspended tassety: over hips This design is classic Italian layout cuirasses, which appeared in 1420.

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