Chalkis Brigandine Type 2

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Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Chalkis Brigandine Type 2

Сhalkis Brigandine Type 2 , England, late fourteenth century. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 29,150,105 .

It comes from Chalcis, where in 1840 they were found in the basement of the Venetian fortress. Several days those pieces in particular Milan and Italian brands, such as Italian and Lombard is their type, they must be dated between the late XIV century and the 60th of the next century, given that the fortress was conquered by the Turks in 1470. The armor consists of fifty-three plates, part rectangular and shaped part, already stagnant on each side and attached to a double cloth. Other plates missing now supposed to protect the stomach. The piece above the " brigantine " real , characterized by blades and plates, the following model is the so-called " pair of armor " organized in two portions ( or not gathered at the shoulders and tied behind or on the sides ) that protected the chest and back, respectively.

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