Splinted-brigg arms with Elbows

  • $465.00

Weight 3.20 kg

Region Europe
Age XIV th century
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Splinted-brigg arms with Elbows

Brigandine-and-splint arm protection appeared as an alternative to plate armor due to the fact that plate protection for limbs could be made not by every blacksmith. But everyone could rivet, in the “along the bone” direction, metal strips (splints) to leather vambraces, thus creating splint protection for limbs. Such protection was supplemented with metal elbow pads and gloves of similar or plate type. Due to the fact that this type of protection was less stiff than plate protection, blacksmiths did their best to ensure the splint protection looked nice, usually decorating it with rivets. A curious thing is that splint vambraces were known in Europe before the XIVth century, but in the time of Dark Ages they disappeared for centuries. Only when plate protection appeared they returned as an alternative. At the same time, splint vambraces remained in use in the Byzantine Empire and the East.

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