Riveted-sewn on lamellar

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Weight 18.00 kg

Region Russ
Age XII-XIV th century
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Riveted-sewn on lamellar

Armor made of plates attached to a cloth or leather base. Armor plates are fixed by lacing (sewing) to the base in the upper edge and rivets. This type of armor was widely used in the Russian protective complex of the XIII - XIVth centuries. Alas, no such armor survived to our days in its whole form, so the appearance of this type of armor can only be judged by single plates and pictorial sources of the times. The most revealing in this respect are the plates of scale armor owned by Novgorod posadnik (governor of medieval Russian city-state, appointed by prince or elected by citizens), Ontsifor Lukich (mid XIVth century) and Pskov scale armor attributed to Prince Dovmont-Timophey (mid - second half of the XIIIth century). It was typical for medieval Rus to use riveted-and-sewn scale armor together with splint protection of limbs (this tendency is observed in pictorial sources of the time).

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